University of Texas at Austin LogoGingerGod69's Ballot for Preseason of 2021-22

Submitted on Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 11:34PM EDT
1 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Have probably best duo in CBB in Timme and Chet. Plus they got two star recruits and a good amount of players returned
2 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA Juzang plus most of the squad returning. Plus a top transfer and Peyton Watson who I rate highly is recruited
3 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Dickinson returning plus the best recruiting class in my opinion. And I'm very high on their coach.
4 University of Kansas Logo Kansas It was an off year but that's cause their PGs sucked and it was covid. Plus they got some great pgs. Plus a deep af roster.
5 Villanova University Logo Villanova Nova had major injury problems but with those players and their great recruiting class they gonna be tough
6 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas Got some great transfers and a coach I value highly. Lost a few good players to the draft though.
7 Purdue University Logo Purdue The player I value very highly is Ivey plus they have Edey that compliments him well. Not as deep as the teams above.
8 Baylor University Logo Baylor Not much of the team returned but got some adequate players. I dont see them having a year like last year.
9 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Bad year last year but they got the best transfer class plus Calipari. Not as deep as you might think.
10 Duke University Logo Duke I dont see this year being elite even if it's coach KS last year. They got the best prospect in the class imo but the roster not deep.
11 University of Memphis Logo Memphis I regard recruits highly. So duren and Bates are incredible but I didn't put them high because penny is not an elite coach.
12 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois I'm big on Kofi and I value the coach well but I don't have them as deep as a squad people are suggesting.
13 University of Houston Logo Houston Houston lost Grimes but not much more. I value their coach highly plus they got some good transfers. Deep as well.
14 University of Alabama Logo Alabama Shackelford and Quinerly returning who I have as underrated. Love JD Davison. Otherwise I don't trust the coach too much.
15 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Richardson and gurrier are great. But I don't value the coach too highly. Good transfer role players but not too deep.
16 University of Arkansas Logo Arkansas Arkansas is already deep plus Lykes is coming back. Don't trust the coach and the spacing just decent.
17 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina With Roy retiring I don't see much of a future but they still have a ton of good recruits of the past 3 years. future
18 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Love Liddell and the roster very deep. The coach is good too but the roster is not as deep as recent years.
19 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee JJJ returning plus they got Kennedy Chandler who I really like. Good coach but not as deep as people might think.
20 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland Maryland had a fantastic transfer portal so they will be deep. Not the greatest recruits and a decent coach.
21 University of Virginia Logo Virginia They lost a lot of good players but Clark looks great and you always gotta respect the coaching staff of UVA.
22 Florida State University Logo Florida State Florida State iffy for me. Not a deep roster, barely any recruits but an insanely good coach the past few years.
23 Auburn University Logo Auburn I'm big on walker Kessler and Jabari Smith but they lost the best of their players last year.
24 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State I mainly put them here because I'm big on Tyson Walker because I value Defense a lot. And I expect Izzo to do well.
25 University of Connecticut Logo UConn Diggins and Sanogo I really like plus a decent coaching staff. Not as deep as you might think.