Drexel University Logomangcity's Ballot for Week 3 of 2021-22

Submitted on Monday, November 22, 2021 at 8:37AM EST
1 Purdue University Logo Purdue Ivey is a first team all american, Williams, Edey and Furst best frontcourt in the country imo. Ivey > Nemhard + Sallis is the difference
2 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga UCLA and Duke in one week is insane, had them 1 and purdue last week but they move up if they win out this week
3 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA Zags game is a must watch haha
4 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Huge chance this week for a quality win vs Bama if results hold
5 Baylor University Logo Baylor Stanford was a beatdown without Flagler
6 Villanova University Logo Villanova 2 absolute choke jobs to elite teams away from home, but has played the toughest schedule in the country thusfar. Need a bench
7 Duke University Logo Duke Zags game this week will be fun
8 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky not clicking on all cylinders but feel like a legit title threat
9 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall Best win of the year at Michigan edit maybe not but their length should be a problem for most teams
10 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas hard to place them, have not been challenged outside of the Zags loss
11 University of Alabama Logo Alabama
12 St. Bonaventure University Logo St. Bonaventure
13 University of Connecticut Logo UConn
14 Xavier University Logo Xavier
15 Brigham Young University Logo BYU
16 University of Houston Logo Houston
17 University of Memphis Logo Memphis
18 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee
19 Auburn University Logo Auburn
20 University of Arkansas Logo Arkansas
21 Loyola University Chicago Logo Loyola Chicago
22 University of Arizona Logo Arizona
23 Marquette University Logo Marquette
24 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois
25 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Drake, USC, Virginia Tech, Colorado State, Utah State, Indiana, St. John's, Oregon, Texas Tech