University of Texas at Austin LogoJaymoney00's Ballot for Week 15 of 2021-22

Submitted on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 1:29AM EST
1 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Welcome to "What was that week". The only obvious pick being Gonzaga at 1.
2 University of Arizona Logo Arizona You didn't lose so take this no. 2
3 Auburn University Logo Auburn Damn this team is beatable. But then Walker Kessler has 12 blocks so yea that's a thing.
4 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Only thing that separates kentucky and auburn is head 2 head. Hope TyTy Washington recovers.
5 Baylor University Logo Baylor Thank god i was too busy with lab to watch this game.
6 Duke University Logo Duke Didn't Lose
7 Purdue University Logo Purdue One word simply put: Yikes.
8 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Loss to Kansas on the road is tough. Not good performance. Imagine. Texas gave up more than 60 points and they won.
9 Villanova University Logo Villanova Didn't lose
10 Providence College Logo Providence Didn't lose.
11 University of Houston Logo Houston Well i was going to keep you at 7 permanently until you did that. We now reach a stretch of teams where everyone lost.
12 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois Lost to Purdue so no drop.
13 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Really talented team that can win the natty but you all keep blowing it against these random teams. OU tho tbf is very good.
14 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA Loss to USC but did the right service for the Pac-12 to booster USC's resume.
15 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin The following 3 teams lost to Rutgers yet the teams behind them have not done enough. (1/3)
16 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State So I'm just leaving these three in this position in who i think is the best team going forward out of the 3. (2/3)
17 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Most bizzare teams to judge all season from a purely nonanalytical standpoint.
18 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas It was Texas's week to get the major momentum shift going. Then Baylor happened.
19 University of Southern California Logo USC Hooray. maybe you aren't frauds (altho good chance UCLA is overrated). But hey must be nice to actually have a ranked win.
20 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Just beat some scrub SEC teams so no advancement.
21 Murray State University Logo Murray State Didn't Lose.
22 University of Arkansas Logo Arkansas Good job. You beat Auburn. Maybe your downfall was....overstated.
23 Davidson College Logo Davidson Bought time i put you all here.
24 Southern Methodist University Logo SMU Beat Houston so deserve a look here.
25 Rutgers University Logo Rutgers Rarely ever do ceremonial picks but why not. Had best week of any team in college basketball.