Marquette University LogoTommyTwoTaps's Ballot for Week 20 of 2021-22

Submitted on Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 11:50PM EDT
1 University of Kansas Logo Kansas LW: 3 (+2) ... Congrats Jayhawks fans!
2 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina LW: NR ... truly a remarkable tourney
3 Duke University Logo Duke LW: 9 (+6) ... perhaps the most talented team, just fell short
4 Villanova University Logo Villanova LW: 5 (+1) ... Is Jay Wright the best looking Power Conference coach?
5 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga LW: 1 (-4) ... a massive "what if" season
6 University of Arkansas Logo Arkansas LW: 14 (+8) ... yes I recognize they beat the Zags, this was tough sorry
7 University of Houston Logo Houston LW: 19 (+12) ... the biggest "what if" season, missing their two best scorers
8 University of Arizona Logo Arizona LW: 2 (-6) ... tommy lloyd had a good first year to say the least
9 Baylor University Logo Baylor LW: 6 (-3) ... at least they didn't lose to Saint Peter's
10 Purdue University Logo Purdue LW: 11 (+1) ... see above, top-10 in fanbase shitposting too
11 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech LW: 13 (+2) ... perhaps my favorite team to watch this year
12 Providence College Logo Providence LW: 12 (-) ... they did in fact stop getting away with it
13 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA LW: 10 (-3) ... gonna be really good again next year
14 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee LW: 4 (-10) ... Orange has to be Rick Barnes favorite color
15 Auburn University Logo Auburn LW: 8 (-7) ... last time Bruce Pearl lost in the R32, Auburn went to the Final Four the next year
16 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky LW: 7 (-9) ... it's tough out there
17 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL) LW: NR ... super fun team to watch
18 Saint Mary's College of California Logo Saint Mary's LW: 15 (-3) ... at least they beat Gonzaga once this year
19 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin LW: 21 (+2) ... Davis sure was fun to watch
20 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois LW: 17 (-3) ... skyy clark is a nice get
21 Murray State University Logo Murray State LW: 20 (-1) ... great season, shame they didn't make the sweet 16
22 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State LW: NR ... what a rollercoaster of a season
23 Saint Peter's University Logo St. Peter's LW: NR ... the best Cock named team in basketball this year and the greatest Cinderella
24 University of Notre Dame Logo Notre Dame LW: NR ... feels like they never got enough respect all year
25 University of Iowa Logo Iowa LW: 16 (-9) ... I refuse to believe Bohannon won't be on this team for a 7th season