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Closed on Monday, February 24, 2020 at 10:00AM EST
RankTeam (First Place Votes)Score
1 University of Kansas Logo Kansas(82) 2266
2 Baylor University Logo Baylor(9) 2185
3 University of Dayton Logo Dayton 2024
4 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga 2008
5 San Diego State University Logo San Diego State 1847
6 Florida State University Logo Florida State 1710
7 Duke University Logo Duke 1652
8 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland 1611
9 Creighton University Logo Creighton 1513
10 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky 1464
11 University of Louisville Logo Louisville 1397
12 Villanova University Logo Villanova 1336
13 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall 1183
14 Pennsylvania State University Logo Penn State 944
15 University of Oregon Logo Oregon 885
16 Auburn University Logo Auburn 800
17 Brigham Young University Logo BYU 763
18 University of Iowa Logo Iowa 755
19 University of Michigan Logo Michigan 536
20 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia 492
21 University of Colorado Logo Colorado 413
22 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State 346
23 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State 332
24 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech 234
25 University of Arizona Logo Arizona 194
Others Receiving Votes: Houston(127), Illinois(118), Butler(95), Arizona State(91), Marquette(62), Wisconsin(42), ETSU(26), St. Mary's(26), Virginia(21), LSU(20), Stephen F. Austin(13), Indiana(11), UCLA(9), Liberty(8), Wichita State(5), Northern Iowa(3), URI(3), Akron(2), Rutgers(2), Utah State(1)
Official Ballots
University at Buffalo Logooncearunner, Iowa State University Logobrvheart, Syracuse University LogoGreenbayfan93, Washington State University Logopeachios, University of Kansas LogoBumpyBob0007, University of San Francisco LogoBrokenBat4, University of Kentucky LogoRoper92391, University of Iowa LogoihawkMLG, University of Oklahoma LogoOhioBornSoonerBred, Auburn University LogoWeathergeekal, Michigan State University Logodoctershaw, University of Oregon LogoLex_Ludorum, University of Virginia Logomartingale18, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University LogoMoneyManeVick, Kansas State University LogoSpeedLegend, Purdue University LogoHackasizlak, University of Kansas Logodarrylweenus, Valparaiso University Logojloose128, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Logophoenixphan87, University of Michigan LogoBluOmega, University of Connecticut Logo3isfordale, Gonzaga University Logocartkp, Florida Gulf Coast University LogoEska, Old Dominion University LogoPM_ME_YOUR_STERNUM, The Citadel LogoBarnhard, Davidson College LogoMr_Otters, University of Michigan LogoTrucker1911, University of Miami (Florida) Logostocktonisgoat, Duke University Logodrcollegehoops, Texas A&M University Logo12panther, Pepperdine University LogoDEP61, Villanova University Logojckund, Providence College LogoDrMantis_Tobbagan, Villanova University LogoToastiify, University of Kentucky Logogogglesup859, University of Cincinnati Logocinciforthewin, University of Kentucky Logo80katrillion, University of South Dakota LogoBigThomsd, University of Montana LogoWazzup44, Wichita State University LogoBlazeth, University of Cincinnati LogoMaxreds19, University of Kansas LogoINeedMoreCreativity, Villanova University Logothemidnightmamba, Villanova University LogoRiseAndFire69, Michigan State University Logonatethe247, University at Buffalo LogoBlazer2223, University of Washington Logogo_uw, University of Virginia Logojpj77, University of Notre Dame LogoESPbeN, Arizona State University Logoruwisc, Pennsylvania State University LogoMetaKoopa99, Syracuse University Logo10011002, Princeton University Logonewportnik, Texas Tech University LogoPmoney51, Temple University Logothecoffeecake1, University of Arkansas Logothemdh, Syracuse University Logofalconlover79, Princeton University Logo_Jetto_, Purdue University Logoferrett3, University of Wisconsin-Madison LogotACorruption, George Washington University Logoigloo_assassin, Gonzaga University Logobrayley, Gonzaga University Logo206-Ginge, Syracuse University LogotheZcuber, University of Alabama LogoALStark69, Bowling Green State University LogoShogunAshoka, University of Virginia Logotaukapp, University of Minnesota LogoSleveMcDichael4, University of Notre Dame LogoIrishBall, University of Kentucky Logoco_dehart, Bradley University LogoBazralian, University of Kentucky LogoHambone721, University of Hartford LogoTallLatvianLad, University of Louisville Logofallenangels_angels, Rutgers University Logoigniteshield, Pennsylvania State University Logothecrispybacon, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logorileydavis3, Harvard University Logomountm, Villanova University Logoalexpieguy, Michigan State University LogoAxgwd1, Xavier University LogoGregorian1, University of Kentucky Logoukfan515, College of William and Mary Logobrobroma, University of Maryland, College Park LogoTownkrier, University of Virginia LogoStrikesuit, Seton Hall University LogoMattyIceM, Ohio State University LogoRetMaestro, Stanford University Logobakonydraco, University of Wisconsin-Madison Logogiddy_up_up, Iowa State University LogoSenior_Chang, Purdue University Logothelongderek
Provisional Ballots
University of Virginia LogoPhillyfan3, University of Kansas Logoodetostillsleeping, Rutgers University LogoCyberchao_X, University of Kentucky LogoGreyson04, University of Minnesota Logo54321Newcomb, H0b5t3r, University of Kentucky Logosluggerrr24, Texas Tech University LogoMilesMisfit, Purdue University LogoPengu-in-the-hood, 921Nation, San Diego State University Logoeandy14, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logotherealtand, University of Virginia Logoplainvintage, University of Kentucky Logoquan1754, University at Buffalo Logopete4999, University of Connecticut LogoHungry_Huskies, University of Kansas LogoOldManEllus, University of Florida Logoshark522, Colorado State University LogoCopperWalrus, University of Maryland, College Park Logomjostudios, University of Texas at Austin LogoOrangePlasma, Oklahoma State University LogoItsAesthus, Stony Brook University LogoMills_Miles, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill LogoAllTarHeelDan, University of Maryland, College Park Logoryanpickle, Purdue University Logohorse-cock-lock, Ohio State University Logomatthewz17, University of Notre Dame LogoCanadianShadow, Michigan State University LogoJuliePepperwood, Miami University (Ohio) LogoGavigator, Indiana University Bloomington Logojgro97, Gonzaga University LogoSmurffor3, Michigan State University LogoThunderKent69, Creighton University Logodominicex, University of Cincinnati Logokeatlib29, University of Kansas LogoArgiii, University of Virginia Logoarchi_hoo, TruEuchreMaster, University of Virginia LogoJJuva13, Northwestern University LogoTPM_23, Pennsylvania State University LogoCentreDem, DePaul University LogoUrAverageHuman, Michigan State University Logojerlambert, University of Wisconsin-Madison Logocheeks_mcgoo, University of Kentucky Logocorndogshuffle, University of Virginia Logottturk, Indiana University Bloomington LogoiDevourer, Virginia Commonwealth University LogoTortsl93l, Iowa State University LogoYoshi123YT, Indiana University Bloomington LogoPuckFurdue, Ohio State University LogoEldubano
Voters Failing to Submit Ballots
University of Kentucky Logohazyel, University of Connecticut Logogwhuskyfan, St. John's University Logozjl539, Duke University LogoMr-Mutant, Texas Tech University LogoGradedA, University of Virginia Logodaswassup13