Northwestern University LogoTPM_23's Ballot for Week 15 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, February 11, 2019 at 4:29AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke (+2) they're not winning the title this year because Duke, but they're a fun bunch to watch
2 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (--) if they can win @Kentucky on Saturday, they get my vote
3 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (-2) should've gameplanned for a deluge of 3s
4 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (--) I have two midterms this week, wish me luck
5 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (--) these scores remind me of getting big in and eating everyone spawning in
6 University of Michigan Logo Michigan (+1) 22-2: 2+2+2=6
7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (-1) taking Miami to overtime is like taking your sister to prom, except it's just a basketball with a face drawn on it
8 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (--) technically, they beat New Mexico on aggregate, 149-147
9 University of Houston Logo Houston (+3) they still only have one loss this year, which is crazy at this point in the season
10 Purdue University Logo Purdue (+4) don't kow who else to put here, so I'll just slot in the hot team that can feasibly win out
11 Marquette University Logo Marquette (--) proved their worth against Nova, right after spilling some serious spaghetti against St. John's
12 Florida State University Logo Florida State (+3) if not for a 2-game hiccup, these guys would be pretty highly regarded
13 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State (+8) finally, a Big 12 team to put above the masses
14 Villanova University Logo Villanova (-1) I have to respect a 1-point loss on the road in their biggest game in a while
15 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-6) no Langford, lots of problems; this team doesn't look or feel the same and losing @Illinois is a humongous oof
16 University of Iowa Logo Iowa (+4) these rankings are late in part because I threw at least one chair and took a long walk, but I'm not salty, no sir
17 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (-1) so close to being ROAD WARRIORS OF THE WEEK
18 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech (-8) I'm just getting them away from #10 so I don't put them there again
19 Louisiana State University Logo LSU (+4) SEC seems a bit top-heavy, maybe it's just me
20 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-2) they're just falling slower than they should be in polls, even if they're inevitably coming back and winning the Big 12 again anyway
21 University of Washington Logo Washington (-4) Arizona St. just ruins everyone's fun, don't they?
22 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State (-3) at this point they just have to distract Kansas long enough for K-State to run with the title
23 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo (NR) back by popular demand
24 Wofford College Logo Wofford (+1) doesn't matter how high I put them: they're here until they lose, because that's how the SoCon do
25 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (NR) don't disappoint me again -- DROPPED: Wisconsin 22, Cincinnati 24