University of Virginia LogoGHooLion's Ballot for Week 15 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, February 11, 2019 at 9:48AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke If Duke hits 13/22 from 3, there is no team in the country that can beat them. That includes Tennessee.
2 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee The only team not to lose in regulation this season, and that was to full-strength Kansas. Toughest tests are upcoming.
3 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Both losses are to the same team, and the #1 team in this poll. Another gut check comes up tonight, and that may be sans Diakite.
4 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga This team's rolling through its WCC schedule like Sissy Spacek at the end of Carrie. The obliteration of St. Mary's speaks volumes.
5 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky The metrics don't jive with a #5 ranking, but this team has rolled off 10 in a row and 13 of 14. Downright scary as a #2-seed.
6 University of Michigan Logo Michigan #6 in KenPom, #5 in BartTorvik, and coming off a clean 2-0 week. Outright leader in the B1G at the moment.
7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Winners of 7 straight now (presuming that Miami scare counts), and tied for 1st in the ACC. Huge test tonight.
8 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Death, taxes, and mid-season swoons by the Spartans. Bad loss to Illinois, followed by a beat-down of Minnesota. Profile is strong.
9 Purdue University Logo Purdue At one point, Purdue was 6-5. 12 games later, they are 17-6, and turning the B1G into mulch. Only loss was @MSU, which they avenged.
10 University of Houston Logo Houston Difficult to rank. One one hand, 23-1 in what is effectively the 6th best conference. On the other, metrics are in the mid-to-high 10s.
11 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada See above. Record is the same. Conference is a little worse. Metrics are a little worse. Only Utah State remains as a Q1 game.
12 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State I will maintain that Bruce Weber artificially caps this team's ceiling. But they are the best of the Big XII, and they just keep winning.
13 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Held serve with a 2-0 week. Reminds me of my Wahoos: stellar defense, anemic-at-times offense, high efficiency ranks.
14 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Louisville was coming on like a freight train until the OT loss @FSU (which is a VERY hard place to win). In line with efficiency ranks.
15 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State The home loss to TCU, in which it gave up 92 points, was befuddling. This team could make an Elite Eight or be upset by a 13-seed.
16 Louisiana State University Logo LSU This team would be white hot if not for a perplexing 1-point loss to Arkansas. They may yet crash the Tennessee/Kentucky party.
17 Villanova University Logo Villanova Yes, I know they lost to Marquette, but it was a 1-point loss on their floor. 3 of 4 losses have been by 1 possession. Scary team.
18 Marquette University Logo Marquette Yes, I know they just beat Villanova, but the 2 St. John's losses (plus lower efficiency ranks than Villanova) tip the scale.
19 Florida State University Logo Florida State Possibly the best week of anyone ranked from 10-19, as they dispatched two NCAA-caliber teams. Winners of 5 straight.
20 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland Maryland has lost 3 of 5, which is more a consistency problem than a problem with talent. The efficiency rankings are still solid.
21 University of Kansas Logo Kansas This is admittedly a wonky ranking, especially having lost 2 superstars (and 3 if you count de Sousa). Still have those 9 Q1 wins.
22 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech This is also a wonky ranking, given their team has the structural integrity of the Bluesmobile. Their offense is BAAAAD without Robinson.
23 University of Iowa Logo Iowa B1G play has been especially unkind to Iowa, as that's where all their losses come from. The defense is a major concern.
24 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo This team has not been playing well as of late, despite the wins. That means something to me, especially considering efficiency ranks.
25 University of Washington Logo Washington While I'm sure Arizona State appreciates the gift, your own standing can't handle too many of those. They were so hot, too.