Purdue University Logoneedaboat4's Ballot for Week 16 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, February 18, 2019 at 9:59AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke Duke is truly a show, they just showed that their biggest question mark (maturity) wasn't there
2 University of Virginia Logo Virginia UVA just beat UNC in their own house, a crazy night of shooting from Duke will not continue to derail UVA's ranking
3 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Continues to steamroll through the WCC
4 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky It's hard to balance Kentuckys week, on one hand they proved they can play w/ (and dominate) anyone, but on the other they are still mortal.
5 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Losing at Rupp is one thing, but this experienced and mature Tennessee team got completely handled.
6 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Losing at home sucks, but it was to an angry and elite Virginia team.
7 Marquette University Logo Marquette Markus Howard is so freaking good
8 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Alright, Michigan is good... We all know Penn State is better than their record, and they knock off a giant at home each year.
9 University of Houston Logo Houston
10 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Winning in Madison is no joke, but with Nick Ward injured I'm not sure how high this team's ceiling is
11 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Not enough big non conference wins to move them into the top 10 to me
12 Louisiana State University Logo LSU Winning in Rupp arena is no joke, LSU is legit.
13 University of Kansas Logo Kansas
14 Purdue University Logo Purdue I'm not gonna act like Maryland didn't play stellar defense, but even still we were missing even the wide open shots on Saturday.
15 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech
16 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Blowing that lead against Duke is almost as disappointing as it was impressive to have that lead in the first place, this week is a wash
17 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland Purdue is good and Maryland made them look pretty bad.
18 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State A win at a rising Kansas State is big time
19 Villanova University Logo Villanova St. John's is good, but Nova could've taken care of business and they didn't
20 Florida State University Logo Florida State I unwisely left them out of my ranking last week
21 University of Iowa Logo Iowa Iowa needs to chill
22 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech
23 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo
24 University of Washington Logo Washington
25 St. John's University Logo St. John's