Washington State University Logopeachios's Ballot for Week 21 of 2018-19

Submitted on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 5:21PM EDT
1 University of Virginia Logo Virginia I had them at 2, and winnign the title makes it pretty obvious
2 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech from 11 to 2, said had a bad tourney , cause it was in the b12, but AMAZING ncaa tourney and I think probably deserved the title but alas
3 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State 5 to 3 not bad, great run at the end of the year and the way to make it to the final four
4 Duke University Logo Duke 1 to 4, lost to a team that made it one step farther barely and had an amazing reg season, hence the 1 before
5 Auburn University Logo Auburn 16 to 5 ! but goddam that ncaa run was amzing and another team that could've deserved the title with the way their game ended
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga 4 to 6, still very high in kenpom and lost to a storming TTU team in the E8 so dont feel too bad
7 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky 8 to 7 , made it to elite 8 as well and got pipped by auburn barely, goddam what a great last 2 weeks of the tournye lol
8 Purdue University Logo Purdue 12 to 8, not a huge jump but a significant one. certainly were led by their star and squeeked some, but also could've snuck by virgina
9 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina 3 to 9, feels bad as I think they did better sorta but also got roflstomped by auburn (at least felt that way)
10 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee 8 to 10, showed well, but sorta did a Barnes didn't they in the s16, and honestly could've got purdue so that felt a little bad
11 University of Michigan Logo Michigan 7 to 11, so still very high on kenpom but had a sorta eh tourney it felt
12 University of Houston Logo Houston 10 to 12, exactly kenpom, won two games is decent hto opponents were ok, then stuck with kentucky and honestly should've won
13 Florida State University Logo Florida State 9 to 13, decent run but against meh teams and didnt do great against the zags. seemed a strong team though
14 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech 14 to 14, staying the same not too bad, top 16 is great for them, tho did lose their coach and were real close to beating duke. wins were eh
15 Louisiana State University Logo LSU 13 to 15, won 2 games where favored and got rocked vs MSU, granted this was also without will wade so its alright
16 University of Oregon Logo Oregon out of nowhere to 16, made it to sweet 16 and looked great in the tourneys and ALSO almost got UVA. idk if they deserve this spot but EH?
17 University of Kansas Logo Kansas 17 to 17, not sure if they deserve this that much, tourney was eh, and didnt win b12 tourney so ..
18 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State 15 to 18, lost but that UCI team seemed greeat and they didn thave a good player as well so sitting there
19 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland 21 to 19, squeaky bum time past belmost and sneaky bum loss against lsu so respectable
20 Villanova University Logo Villanova 25 to 20, at least got a win, but then lol vs purdue like super lol. next year is even again tho so congrats
21 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada 18 to 21, got wrecked in the touney kinda as expected (by me) honestly a decent year for them but nothing like what they wanted
22 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin 19 to 22, no win but it is what it is most of these didnt do great in the tourney. seems like the top 15/16 teams were just a step above
23 Wofford College Logo Wofford 23 to 23, didn twant to move them far they won as expected
24 University of Central Florida Logo UCF nothing to 24, got a decent win against VCU and then SUPER SUPER close to getting duke. gotta feel bad for the big guy
25 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma nothing to 25, I wanted a team that won their first game and not too many left . and they seemed decent/on th eline