University of Kentucky Logoco_dehart's Ballot for Preseason of 2019-20

Submitted on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 4:10PM EDT
1 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Cal's best teams are ones with some experience and great freshman, which this year's team has. Still worried about the big men, though.
2 Duke University Logo Duke A case can be made that they have the most talent, but they're thin after the top.
3 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Chris Mack can coach and Jordan Nwora might be the best player in the ACC.
4 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Well, they had the best backcourt in the country until it was revealed Langford was hurt again. If he was healthy, they'd be #1.
5 University of Florida Logo Florida If Scottie Lewis is as good as I think he is, they may have the best starting backcourt in the SEC. Blackshear is a matchup nightmare.
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga I'm probably higher than most on Gonzaga, but we know what Few does with transfers and I think Gilder is gonna be a star. Tillie is the key.
7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Cole Anthony wil be a star, probably the best freshman guard since Wall. I see Brooks having a breakout year.
8 University of Kansas Logo Kansas I see a clear talent gap between Kansas and the top 6 teams. To me they have 4 guys, and that's about it.
9 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland They have the talent to be higher, but I do not believe in Turgeon as a coach.
10 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall Myles Powell is the real deal and along with the other Myles they have the best backcourt in the Big East.
11 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech This ranking is solely because of Beard and Moretti. Banking on Clarke being a big factor as well.
12 Villanova University Logo Villanova Jay Wright might be the best coach in college basketball as it stands right now.
13 Baylor University Logo Baylor I think he is sleazy but Drew is a good coach. This team has the DNA of his previous best.
14 University of Virginia Logo Virginia They lose a lot, but Tony Bennett can coach and Diakite is the real deal.
15 University of Memphis Logo Memphis The young talent is there, but I really only see 1 superstar talent and another one a tier below.
16 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Holtmann has over-performed, IMO, in his first 2 years. I think this is his best team.
17 Virginia Commonwealth University Logo VCU They return everyone important. I think Marcus stops his efficiency regression and is the A10 player of the year.
18 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Barnes has made me a believer. They lose a lot, but return perimeter talent and Josiah James is the real deal.
19 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Young, but super talented with a couple proven vets like Pritchard.
20 Auburn University Logo Auburn They lose possibly more than any team in the country in terms of talent, but Doughty, Wiley and McLemore is a solid core.
21 University of Arizona Logo Arizona I'm not a believer in Sean Miller. I think they have talent even without Williams, I just don't know Miller does much with it.
22 University of Houston Logo Houston This ranking assumes Grimes is eligible to play.
23 Louisiana State University Logo LSU I'm probably higher than most, but they have the talent. Will find out if Will Wade can actually coach.
24 Xavier University Logo Xavier Goodin, Scruggs and Moore are legit.
25 Purdue University Logo Purdue They're not great or even that talented, IMO, and I don't think Painter is a great coach, but his teams are always at least fringe top-25.