University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill LogoVictory_Screeeeeech's Ballot for Preseason of 2019-20

Submitted on Monday, October 21, 2019 at 7:16PM EDT
1 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Experience, Talent, MSU's got it all
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Over UK because I like their proven talent. Assuming everyone's healthy and eligible, that is.
3 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky BIG
4 University of Louisville Logo Louisville RIVAL
5 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina ENER
6 Duke University Logo Duke GY
7 University of Florida Logo Florida glad Kerry Blackshear isn't in the ACC anymore. Scary.
8 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland We miss you. -ACC
9 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga talented but will get slept on because WCC
10 Villanova University Logo Villanova Dissapointing last year, but reloading
11 University of Memphis Logo Memphis I think Penny's young lineup will be better than most think
12 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall Myles. Powell.
13 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Traditional post-title slump. lost a lot of talent, but may surprise us.
14 University of Oregon Logo Oregon My pick to win the Pac-12, but it's still the Pac-12
15 Baylor University Logo Baylor full disclosure, I forget Baylor exists until they get good at something seemingly out of nowhere
16 Utah State University Logo Utah State lowkey glad UNC didn't meet them
17 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State B1G is really just a fight for 2nd at this point
18 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech I think their offseason losses are bigger than most let on
19 University of Arizona Logo Arizona Bringing some great young talent to the Pac-12
20 Xavier University Logo Xavier There's two basketball teams in Ohio now.
21 Saint Mary's College of California Logo St. Mary's WCC is a two team league? whoda thunk
22 Purdue University Logo Purdue America's Team
23 Louisiana State University Logo LSU They play round ball too in Louisiana
24 Auburn University Logo Auburn I'm officially afraid of Auburn now. UNC fan probz
25 Virginia Commonwealth University Logo VCU You love to see an A10 team ranked