Ohio State University LogoRetMaestro's Ballot for Preseason of 2019-20

Submitted on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 6:20PM EDT
1 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Michigan State of course brings back the mean man to hurt me again
2 University of Florida Logo Florida I like them a lot more than most I assume with the VT grad transfer
3 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (I had this saved with my reasoning, then submitted it and the whole app disappeared)
4 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (so this will be a bit lighter on the details) Louisville looks great with some stud freshman
5 Duke University Logo Duke less star power but greater potential to be balanced, and jones is back as PG
6 University of Kansas Logo Kansas can you please be sanctioned to hell already
7 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga another foreign kid who balled out in FIBA, this time from Mali, Few has the tools to make another deep march run
8 University of Virginia Logo Virginia who needs offense when no one will score 50 on you
9 Villanova University Logo Villanova Jay Wright is a smart guy with some 5 stars, plus they lost early this last year so that means natty right?
10 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech tortilla rebuild, only 2 guys come back from the national runner up squad, very boom or bust
11 University of Oregon Logo Oregon leading the Pac-12 out of near mid major level play should be the ducks with their recruiting class and grad transfers
12 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall Myles Powell, this ones for you discord goblins
13 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina with the NCAA finally not breathing down their necks the recruiting classes are picking up plus the Grad Transfers and returning players = $
14 University of Memphis Logo Memphis biggest boom potential, biggest bust potential
15 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland Turgeon aint winning you much lets pump the brakes kids
16 Utah State University Logo Utah State mid major darling of the year, with Nevada dead they should run away with a decent Mountain West
17 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Homer pick, Holtmann has a great class and the 2 players that really did anything for us are coming back so....kinda nice
18 University of Houston Logo Houston late addition with Grimes, it remains to be seen how much of an impact he'll have but this should make Houston AAC contenders
19 Baylor University Logo Baylor id have to look at their roster again to remember what i liked exactly but i do know theyre gonna help Kansas win the Big 12 again
20 University of Arizona Logo Arizona thank god nobody really came back, that team was a disaster. 2 wunderkind guards should lead back to at least the tourney, maybe even round2
21 Saint Mary's College of California Logo St. Mary's sorry Dep
22 Marquette University Logo Marquette imagine if the Houser twins didnt transfer lmao
23 Louisiana State University Logo LSU Will Wade might be a dirty cheater but hes still a good coach; cheater = unproven, coaching = proven
24 University of Washington Logo Washington a nice recruiting class to hopefully build upon their success from last year, only difference is that Pac should be so bad
25 Davidson College Logo Davidson i like them more than VCU, not by a lot, but more.