Indiana University Bloomington LogoPesgato's Ballot for Preseason of 2019-20

Submitted on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 1:45PM EDT
1 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State This is the obvious #1. Winston is a stud in the P&R with Tillman, and they have no shortage of players that can play second fiddle.
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Maybe I'm too high on Dotson and Doke, but I felt I had to give the slight tip to this team over their younger competition.
3 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky This team has some good experience along with good talent. The question: how do the freshmen wings play?
4 University of Florida Logo Florida I really like experience. If blackshear can reignite this offense, watch out.
5 Duke University Logo Duke I like Tre Jones, I like their freshmen, I like this team. But there is no Zion here. I expect there to be bumps in the road.
6 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Jordan Nwora is a stud, that frontline is going to be a handful. The main question is how Kimble will play against ACC teams every night.
7 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga This team just beat Michigan State in a somewhat meaningless scrimmage. Are they a better team? Probably not. But I'm not sleeping on em.
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina We all know that Cole Anthony is going to be an attraction on his own. How do the transfers/returners play?
9 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland Oof, I do NOT like putting a Turgeon team this high. But goddamn do I love me some Cowan. Even Turgeon couldn't screw this up...right?
10 University of Virginia Logo Virginia This is going to be a classic Virginia team, and these games are going to be beautifully ugly in the most Virginia way possible.
11 Villanova University Logo Villanova The second of a three team run on these rankings of teams who are here because I trust their coach.
12 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech This is a ranking against my better judgement. I'm a doubter, but I was last year too. I won't make that mistake again.
13 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Wesson is an animal. CJ Walker is underrated and has a year practicing with the program under his belt. They will beat expectations.
14 Xavier University Logo Xavier This is a classic Big East contender. Good coaching, experienced, talented roster. Big question is how the freshmen fit.
15 Baylor University Logo Baylor On paper, I love the returners for Baylor. I am still unconvinced that this team can really take the next step.
16 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall I'm concerned with Powell playing with the ball more. I feel like launching off screens is more his fit, he has surprised me before though.
17 Utah State University Logo Utah State Sam Merrill is one of my favorite players in all of CBB. This teams offense will keep them dangerous.
18 Saint Mary's College of California Logo St. Mary's St. Mary's is a constant, and this year will be no different. Jordan Ford is an absolute stud, and he is only getting better.
19 Louisiana State University Logo LSU Will Trendon Watford play center? This team is just intriguing, but I'm willing to bet on Will Wade's talent.
20 University of Memphis Logo Memphis Why do I hate this team? They've done nothing to me. They have so much talent....I just don't know if Penny can handle it.
21 University of Oregon Logo Oregon I doubted Altman last year. When I was wrong, I stuck to my take. I lost a lot of money. I guess this is me admitting defeat.
22 Florida State University Logo Florida State Just a classic FSU team really. They have talent and experience, but I don't think their coaching will be quite enough to get them higher.
23 University of Alabama Logo Alabama Nate Oats rollin in and he has some talent! This is one of my favorites, I think they have the players to compete in the SEC.
24 North Carolina State University Logo NC State A four guard lineup will struggle against the size of the ACC but it could tear thru mid majors. Keatts needs to schedule better.
25 Marquette University Logo Marquette I always bet on senior guards, and Marquette may have the very best in the nation. Banking on the Hausers being addition by subtraction.