Pennsylvania State University LogoMetaKoopa99's Ballot for Week 2 of 2019-20

Submitted on Monday, November 11, 2019 at 3:54AM EST
1 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (+2) I'm going to try to avoid poll inertia and instead rank teams by what they deserve. After that performance, Kentucky deserves No. 1.
2 Duke University Logo Duke (+2) 2-0 just like UNC, but Duke gets the slight edge by beating a better opponent. UNC's wins were all-around better performances though.
3 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (+7) See above. There's no doubt in my mind that Cole Anthony is going to be this year's Zion. Based on his first two games, he deserves it.
4 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (+8) Ah, only UVA can hold both Syracuse and JMU to just 34 points. Maybe not the most entertaining team to watch, but I don't care one bit.
5 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (0) Convincing win at Miami followed by a stomping of Youngstown State. I've got four ACC teams in my top five. Hell of a conference so far.
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (+1) Gonzaga stomping the ever-loving life out of low-tier mid-major teams. What else is new? Petrusev looks really, really good by the way.
7 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (+4) Just like the Zags, Tech took care of business in Week 1 against easy competition. I can see that trend continuing for quite a while.
8 Villanova University Logo Villanova (+1) The Cats have played only one game so far, but they absolutely crushed Army. Great matchup against Ohio State coming up on Wednesday.
9 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-7) Tough loss against Duke, but Kansas put up a good fight, so they don't fall too far. Plus, they backed it up with a good win over UNCG.
10 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State (+3) A moderate rise for Ohio State, thanks to a gritty win over a good Cincinnati team, followed by a 20-point victory over UMass Lowell.
11 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-10) MSU did not look great against Kentucky early, but they did make it somewhat of a game late. Big drop for that slow start though.
12 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas (NEW) This is where you start to see the "deserves" take place. Stomping of UNCO followed by a great road win at Purdue. Big rise for Texas.
13 University of Arizona Logo Arizona (NEW) Very similar to Texas. Beat NAU by 39, then beat a much-improved Illinois team by 21. I told you these rankings might be a bit crazy.
14 University of Oregon Logo Oregon (0) No change in ranking for the Ducks. Beat the opponents they were supposed to. Probably would have moved up if not for Texas and Arizona.
15 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland (-7) Big drop, but it's explainable. Maryland let Holy Cross hang around at home for waaaay too long. Hopefully just early-season jitters.
16 Marquette University Logo Marquette (+7) Only one game played so far, but it was a damn fine one. Beat Loyola MD by 35. Markus Howard himself had 38. Dude is an absolute stud.
17 Saint Mary's College of California Logo St. Mary's (+2) Gotta love those quality wins! Saint Mary's got one of those by beating Wisconsin. Jordan Ford is going to be one of the WCC's best.
18 University of Washington Logo Washington (+3) Huskies start the year off right by taking down Baylor. Another challenge comes on Saturday against Tennessee. Should be a good one.
19 Providence College Logo Providence (NEW) Yes, I know they played two cupcakes, but good lord, did the Friars ball out. Diallo and Duke are going to be a very dangerous duo.
20 Xavier University Logo Xavier (0) No change for Xavier. Similar to Oregon in that they beat the teams they're supposed to at home, albeit slightly less convincingly.
21 University of Florida Logo Florida (-15) HUGE tumble for Florida. They just looked bad late against FSU. I know the Noles are good, but top 25 teams don't lose at home by 12.
22 Baylor University Logo Baylor (-6) Curb-stomping of Central Arkansas followed by a very close neutral-floor loss to Washington. I won't penalize the Bears too much.
23 Utah State University Logo Utah State (-5) How does Utah State go from sneaking one out over Montana State to absolutely annihilating Weber State? A win is a win, I suppose.
24 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma (NEW) Nice neutral-court win over a decent Minnesota team. A lot of teams disappointed in Week 1, so the Sooners sneak into my rankings.
25 Virginia Commonwealth University Logo VCU (-3) Way too close for comfort against North Texas. They just hang on at No. 25. Next 5: Butler, Colorado, Florida State, Purdue, Memphis