University of Maryland, College Park LogoTownkrier's Ballot for Week 5 of 2019-20

Submitted on Monday, December 2, 2019 at 9:06AM EST
1 University of Michigan Logo Michigan +19 Best resume in the country. Brooks and Livers have become great complements to Simpson and Teske.
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas +3 On paper the team I like most to win the title. Starting to play like it
3 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland +3 Held Markus Howard to 6 pts on 1-12 after he scored 51 and 40.
4 University of Louisville Logo Louisville -1
5 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State +5 Six straight victories by 19 or more points
6 University of Virginia Logo Virginia +1
7 University of Dayton Logo Dayton NR This isn’t a one man team. Dayton can compete with anyone.
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina -4 Their 3 pt shooting is incredibly shaky. Need to get that together if they want to go deep in March.
9 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga -1
10 University of Oregon Logo Oregon -1
11 Duke University Logo Duke -9 Lost to SFA and struggled with Winthrop for most of the game. Hopefully for them Stanley is back sometime soon.
12 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky = How do play #1 on a neutral and have a strength of schedule #320? Ask Kentucky.
13 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State -12 Huge drop for a 5 point loss and 2-1 week record seems harsh... But the same VT team lost to Dayton and BYU by a billion.
14 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall -3
15 University of Arizona Logo Arizona = Huge couple Saturdays coming up @Baylor and vs The Zags
16 Auburn University Logo Auburn =
17 University of Colorado Logo Colorado -3 Having a really tough time scoring in the first half. Love that they are finding a way to win but a bit worried overall.
18 Utah State University Logo Utah State -4 No shame in losing at Moraga without your 2nd best player and only getting 3 points from your third best player. USU will be fine.
19 San Diego State University Logo San Diego State NR Win a good tournament impressively and you’re in the top 25.
20 Florida State University Logo Florida State NR Ditto SDSU
21 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee -4
22 Temple University Logo Temple NR Stack up Temple and Memphis' resumes. Temple SOS 75, Memphis 253. Temple 4 wins away from home, Memphis 1.
23 University of Memphis Logo Memphis -2 Both 6-1, Memphis 8 point loss to #10, Temple 7 point loss to #3. Memphis 0 double digit wins vs good teams, Temple 2.
24 Baylor University Logo Baylor -2 (Dropped out: Texas Tech, VCU, LSU, Florida, Arkansas)
25 Butler University Logo Butler NR Next 10: Oklahoma State, Arkansas, WVU, DePaul, Xavier, VCU, Villanova, Florida, Texas Tech, St. Marys)