Washington State University Logopeachios's Ballot for Week 5 of 2019-20

Submitted on Saturday, November 30, 2019 at 10:30PM EST
1 University of Louisville Logo Louisville decent win against WKU, allowing them to stay top, real fun matchup vs michigan this week should be cool
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas idk if maui has seemed quite as meh of a field for the winner, but you can only play the teams in front of you. only first game loss
3 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland staying undefeated is solid this year
4 University of Virginia Logo Virginia this defense is obscene, the offense also is a little offending and winning
5 University of Michigan Logo Michigan idk, undefeated, beat unc, whipped gonzaga, we'll see how great these two top 5 tams are when they play louisville
6 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State undefeated against some shrug teams
7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina solid win against oregon, have a real tough week ahead. felt like they lsot by more against michigan, but mich is a formidable foe now
8 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky nothing fancy here
9 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga speaking of whipped by michigan, yikes (sure game 3 of day 3, but same with michigan) good win against oregon though
10 Duke University Logo Duke lost to Steve Austin? wtf, get a good test next week not only at MSU but also VT
11 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State welp lost again, interesting start to a team so promising (izzo will get them turned around as always) but 2 fine wins are good. Duke 2sday
12 University of Oregon Logo Oregon good win against seton hall barely, close decent loss against gonzaga, and close loss vs UNC, honestly felt like a better week than it was
13 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall real close against oregon, feast week provided some fun games, then got some wins
14 University of Memphis Logo Memphis good win here
15 Auburn University Logo Auburn won by a bit
16 University of Arizona Logo Arizona that pepperdine game was crazy everyone was so good in that second half
17 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee lost to what seems to be a decent florida state, but beat a team they should, and scraped by a ranked win with vcu
18 Baylor University Logo Baylor wow didnt play all week? have a zona matchup next is a great test
19 University of Dayton Logo Dayton decent win against georgia, good one for sure against VT, and super close loss to a top ranked kansas in OT, big week
20 Florida State University Logo Florida State have some good wins so far this season
21 University of Washington Logo Washington another off weak tem, but full load next week and a gonzaga game again is fun and good litmus test
22 University of Colorado Logo Colorado
23 Villanova University Logo Villanova
24 Butler University Logo Butler
25 Oklahoma State University Logo Oklahoma State idk what to do down in these 20s