Northwestern University LogoTPM_23's Ballot for Week 5 of 2019-20

Submitted on Monday, December 2, 2019 at 3:12AM EST
1 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (+3) BIG MOVERS WEEK
2 University of Michigan Logo Michigan (NR) REALLY BIG MOVERS
3 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-1)
4 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-1)
5 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland (+1) age of B1G basketball?
6 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State (+1)
7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (-2) Michigan is completely legit, can't fault a loss there
8 Duke University Logo Duke (-7) you can't just go doing that
9 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (-1) they didn't lose as #1 this week I guess
10 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (--) please score 50
11 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (-2) same penalty as UNC for losing to the big boys
12 University of Arizona Logo Arizona (+1)
13 Auburn University Logo Auburn (+5)
14 University of Memphis Logo Memphis (+3)
15 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall (-1) jumping 5 spots last week was a little overambitious
16 University of Oregon Logo Oregon (-5) they kept it close against some pretty good teams, this spot feels right
17 Florida State University Logo Florida State (+3) good wins from the tourney this week
18 University of Colorado Logo Colorado (+3)
19 DePaul University Logo DePaul (+5) can they beat Texas Tech this week? if so they're for real in my mind
20 Butler University Logo Butler (NR) 3 P5 wins already is better than most résumés
21 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (-2)
22 Oklahoma State University Logo Oklahoma State (NR) did Ole Miss really score 37 on these guys or is that a typo?
23 Utah State University Logo Utah State (-8) dropping St. Mary's isn't the best indicator of your season
24 San Diego State University Logo San Diego State (NR) wins over Iowa/Creighton/BYU add up to a good ranking
25 Liberty University Logo Liberty (NR) how do you even schedule 9 games already? -- DROPPED: Texas Tech 12, VCU 16, Virginia Tech 22, Kansas State 23, Delaware 25