University of Texas at Austin LogoOrangePlasma's Ballot for Week 15 of 2019-20

Submitted on Sunday, February 9, 2020 at 8:51PM EST
1 Baylor University Logo Baylor -
2 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga -
3 San Diego State University Logo San Diego State -
4 University of Kansas Logo Kansas -
5 University of Dayton Logo Dayton -
6 University of Louisville Logo Louisville -
7 Duke University Logo Duke -
8 Florida State University Logo Florida State -
9 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall +1
10 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland +1
11 Auburn University Logo Auburn +1
12 Pennsylvania State University Logo Penn State (+10) PSU took advantage of an opportunity presented to them and should feel absolutely cheated by the NCAA's top 16.
13 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (+8) UK and PSU move up so far due to other teams losing.
14 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia (-1) WVU has been falling slowly it seems every week. Big week for them coming up.
15 Villanova University Logo Villanova (-6) I've been really high on Nova recently but they've just suffered 3 straight losses and should probably get their act together.
16 University of Colorado Logo Colorado (NR) Not ranking this team last week was probably disrespectful, and CU has a real chance for an outright PAC title.
17 Marquette University Logo Marquette (NR) Looks like Marquette finally found its stride this season.
18 Butler University Logo Butler -
19 University of Iowa Logo Iowa -5
20 University of Houston Logo Houston NR
21 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois -5
22 University of Rhode Island Logo URI +1
23 Creighton University Logo Creighton -6
24 University of Oregon Logo Oregon (-5) DROPPED: 20. LSU, 24. Tulsa, 25. Rutgers | NEXT 5: LSU, Texas Tech, Rutgers. Arizona, Northern Iowa.
25 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-10) MSU doesn't deserve this top 25 spot but so many teams lost big last week so they manage to deserve more than anyone else, I think.