University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logolilpoststamp's Ballot for Week 8 of 2020-21

Submitted on Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 4:24PM EST
1 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga This is my first ballot so if I say drop or jump I'm using last week's AP Poll
2 Baylor University Logo Baylor
3 Villanova University Logo Villanova
4 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas Even with the close win at WV I still think Texas is a solid #4 until Michigan has faced some better teams
5 University of Michigan Logo Michigan This team seems insane, I can't wait to see them face Wisconsin this week. With two blowouts, they jump up 5 spots
6 University of Iowa Logo Iowa *Iowa has proven themselves to be an amazing team but I think Michigan's undefeated record and recent blowouts put them a spot above
7 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Kansas is a great team but with a blowout loss to Texas and a few too many close home wins, I think they should be under Iowa.
8 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee
9 University of Houston Logo Houston
10 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois Illinois is a great team but needs to be more consistent. Constant scoring droughts are really holding this team back from topping the B1G
11 Creighton University Logo Creighton Creighton is a great team but I don't think they crack the top 10 just yet.
12 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin Wis is good but with a home loss to MD and a 2OT game at home vs IU I don't think they're better than Illinois, Iowa, or Michigan
13 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State A second win over #15 Rutgers, this time at the RAC, puts OSU in a good position with their 3 loses being 3 tough road games.
14 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia With an away win against OkSt and a very close loss to #4 Texas, WV stays put.
15 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech Wins against Villanova and Clemson
16 Clemson University Logo Clemson Their only loss is an away game at VT and they've beaten a lot of solid, but not great teams including Alabama, FSU, and Purdue
17 Oklahoma State University Logo Oklahoma State Really close losses to WV and Texas as well as an away win against Texas Tech shows that this team can definitely compete.
18 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech 18 to 25 seems to be no man's land. There are so many teams that deserve to be here but don't deserve to be above here at the same time.
19 University of Minnesota Logo Minnesota *Minnesota is a great home team but they need to prove themselves as a good away team if they want to compete with the B1G teams above them
20 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Oregon seems to have a good team but they haven't faced much competition yet so with their loss to an OK Colorado team they drop 3 to 20
21 University of Virginia Logo Virginia
22 Saint Louis University Logo St. Louis I don't want to put a team that hasn't played since December here but ya can't lose if ya don't play so...
23 University of Missouri Logo Missouri I believe Miz has a good team this year but with their 2 recent loses and only big win being a 3 pointer over Illinois they drop from 13
24 University of Alabama Logo Alabama Their loses aren't great but I can't overlook that away win against Tennessee and I don't see any other teams that deserve it more.
25 Rutgers University Logo Rutgers I think Rutgers was overhyped when they beat Illinois. With that win only being by 3, 2 losses to OSU, and a blowout to MSU, they're 25th.