Oklahoma State University Logotbirdie_21's Ballot for Week 8 of 2020-21

Submitted on Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 11:13PM EST
1 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga They deserve to be here
2 Baylor University Logo Baylor They also deserve to be here
3 Villanova University Logo Villanova Head 2 Head win vs Texas gets them at 3
4 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas
5 University of Iowa Logo Iowa Defense is shaky, they find ways to win
6 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee They are finally looking like the best in the SEC
7 University of Michigan Logo Michigan If they keep dominating the Big Ten, they'll only go up
8 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin Alright now we're getting into the thick of things
9 University of Houston Logo Houston I think Tulsa was a fluke
10 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois They lost to Maryland, but it's hard to put them any lower
11 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Best team in a very weak ACC
12 Rutgers University Logo Rutgers Tough week, but I'm still looking at that Iowa game. Rutgers is still dangerous
13 Creighton University Logo Creighton These next 3 teams are interchangeable to me
14 University of Connecticut Logo UConn
15 University of Kansas Logo Kansas
16 University of Oregon Logo Oregon They actually move up despite the loss. They always lose on the road to Colorado. Still the best in the Pac 12
17 Duke University Logo Duke Not having K I think did hurt them vs BC. And BC always comes to play when there's a number next to the name. Good bounce back vs Wake
18 University of Minnesota Logo Minnesota They keep getting blown out. But at least they're losing to quality opponents, and they have a few good wins. Not national title contenders
19 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech Impressive win vs Notre Dame. Statement win. They look good comin off the Covid.
20 Florida State University Logo Florida State They didn't play. Didn't lose. And they benefit for a bunch of others not looking great.
21 University of Missouri Logo Missouri Miss State is not a good loss. Regardless, that Tennessee win is still there, and they are contenders in the SEC
22 Saint Louis University Logo St. Louis A10 love. They're going to win that conference going away. Too good.
23 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia It's about time. They did exactly what they needed to to get back in my poll. Space the floor and intense defense.
24 Drake University Logo Drake Undefeated watch starts now
25 Clemson University Logo Clemson Next 5 out: Ohio State, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan State, Colorado