University of Minnesota LogoSleveMcDichael4's Ballot for Week 8 of 2020-21

Submitted on Monday, January 11, 2021 at 3:44AM EST
1 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Tier S
2 Baylor University Logo Baylor
3 Villanova University Logo Villanova Tier A
4 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas Andrew Jones :')
5 University of Iowa Logo Iowa Reports of Iowa's demise have been greatly exaggerated
6 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Tier B | Woah
7 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin There's something about this team that makes it look worse than it actually is, but I can't quite put my finger on what.
8 University of Houston Logo Houston
9 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee
10 University of Kansas Logo Kansas
11 Creighton University Logo Creighton
12 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Logo Illinois The results for this team are a random number generator.
13 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Tier C
14 Clemson University Logo Clemson They were looking great and then they had to go and get COVID before they lost at the Dean Dome. :(
15 University of Oregon Logo Oregon I guess even in a good year they still can't win in Boulder. 0-10 all-time.
16 University of Connecticut Logo UConn They got a late start due to COVID, but these guys are players. Only loss is at home to Creighton, which they would have won with fans.
17 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Tier D | Nothing like Kansas State and Iowa State on the schedule to get the ol' juices flowin'
18 University of Louisville Logo Louisville
19 University of Southern California Logo USC Destroyed the entire state of Arizona. Evan Mobley is as good as advertised.
20 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Coincidentally, this is where I had Rutgers last week. Fitting given Ohio State swept 'em.
21 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA
22 University of Colorado Logo Colorado Tier E
23 University of Alabama Logo Alabama 4-0 SEC with four really impressive wins. Pretty much erases the home loss to Western Kentucky.
24 Saint Louis University Logo St. Louis Not really either's fault, but I'm not gonna move Duke or Virginia back in until they beat a team that isn't at the bottom of the ACC
25 University of Arkansas Logo Arkansas Fringe: Virginia Tech, Florida State, Virginia, Duke, Drake, Oklahoma State, Minnesota