University of Kansas Logopantherhawk17's Ballot for Week 13 of 2016-17

Submitted on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 6:35PM EST
1 University of Kansas Logo Kansas KU moves up with a loss? Yes. KU was expected to come out of this week with .5 wins per KenPom. They outperformed from the 2 slot.
2 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Another week of beating overmatched opponents.
3 Villanova University Logo Villanova Great closing 10 minutes against Virginia to prevent an 0-2 week.
4 Baylor University Logo Baylor No impressive wins this week, but Baylor still has arguably the best resume in the country.
5 University of Arizona Logo Arizona Nothing to say about Arizona's week. Home games against Washington St. and Washington is as cupcakey as it gets.
6 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Big wins against ACC bottom feeders. But they looked great during those games.
7 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky The loss to KU isn't a huge deal, but the Tennessee loss hurts.
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina The issue isn't that UNC lost at Miami, it's how they lost. Just completely dominated all game. Fortunately for UNC, everyone else lost.
9 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Great win at home against KU. A win at Iowa State this week would allow them to still be in the Big 12 discussion.
10 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Almost pulled off a great win at Nova after a very impressive performance at Notre Dame.
11 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA UCLA did not bounce back from the Arizona loss by showing improved defensive effort. They can't just outscore teams every time out.
12 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Could have dropped more with a loss to Colorado, but everyone around them seemed to lose as well.
13 Florida State University Logo Florida State Florida State had 5 out of their first 7 ACC games at home. It was an easier stretch than most considered it because of that.
14 University of Notre Dame Logo Notre Dame Tough loss at home to Virginia, but it's not like Virginia isn't good. Loss to GT is worse, but GT looks respectable and everyone else lost.
15 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Crosstown Shootout win was great. The game at SMU in a couple weeks is one of the last resume building games for Cincy, but plenty of traps.
16 Butler University Logo Butler Despite the Georgetown loss Butler actually moved up. But that has little to do with Butler's week. My opinion of them didn't change much.
17 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland At some point you just have to tip your hat to Maryland's winning ways. I'm not used to considering a win at The Barn being good, though.
18 Saint Mary's College of California Logo St. Mary's This is just a gut feel ranking. There is very little evidence, good or bad, to help figure this team out.
19 Purdue University Logo Purdue Collapse at Nebraska is not great. This team continues to confuse me. They are so matchup dependent.
20 Duke University Logo Duke Duke had a rough week, but it easily could have been worse if not for Kennard. Maybe they should, you know, run the O through him more.
21 University of Florida Logo Florida Two road games. Two 30 point wins. Two pretty mediocre opponents. Enough for me to re-insert Florida into my Top 25 though.
22 Creighton University Logo Creighton They still get a little credit for what they did earlier in the year in the hopes that they are in a transition period/growing pains stage.
23 Northwestern University Logo Northwestern Umm... this is weird.
24 University of South Carolina Logo South Carolina They didn't do anything notable this week. South Carolina is the beneficiary of some poor Big 12 performances (ISU & KSU).
25 Southern Methodist University Logo SMU Good efficiency numbers. No home losses. But no statement wins. Definitely vulnerable to being jumped.