Colorado State University LogoCopperWalrus's Ballot for Week 19 of 2016-17

Submitted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 2:27PM EDT
1 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina
2 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga
3 University of Oregon Logo Oregon
4 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Kentucky stayed in their game with North Carolina more than Kansas with Oregon.
5 University of Kansas Logo Kansas
6 University of South Carolina Logo South Carolina Final Four team they definitely proved they deserve a high ranking spot.
7 University of Arizona Logo Arizona They should have won against Xavier. If they had played against Gonzaga, it would not have been as one sided
8 University of Florida Logo Florida An exciting win against upsetter Wisconsin, and had to play a game against a conference opponent, in which seedings don't matter as much.
9 Xavier University Logo Xavier I feel they're not getting a lot of respect. Maryland and FSU were easier upsets, but still upsets, and they beat Zona.
10 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Their performance in the Big Ten tournament and the dance were amazing. Their close game with Oregon could have seen them in the elite eight
11 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA They had the toughest road. If they had beaten Kentucky and then UNC, they might have been the national champions.
12 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin The upset against Villanova was incredible. If they had beat Florida, I think they would have had a better chance against South Carolina
13 Villanova University Logo Villanova Lost to a very wrongly seeded Wisconsin. They had a very impressive season.
14 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia They fought hard against the Zags and had an impressive win against Notre Dame
15 Duke University Logo Duke Pretty good season overall, disappointing tournament
16 Butler University Logo Butler Ranking them over Purdue to a better Sweet 16 performance
17 Purdue University Logo Purdue
18 Baylor University Logo Baylor An Elite 8 team yes. Their wins to get there weren't very impressive and lost badly to 7 seed South Carolina
19 University of Louisville Logo Louisville A good season, and a loss to a hot Michigan
20 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State Hopefully they get into the American and get a better deserving seed next year!
21 University of Notre Dame Logo Notre Dame
22 Saint Mary's College of California Logo St. Mary's
23 Florida State University Logo Florida State I had a dream that FSU won the tournament. I'm embarrassed to say they were my winner pick. Still an impressive season in the ACC.
24 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati
25 University of Arkansas Logo Arkansas Does anyone remember their game against UNC? It was pretty close throughout