University of Kentucky Logohazyel's Ballot for Week 19 of 2016-17

Submitted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 6:43PM EDT
1 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina No reason really, they're just randomly here.
2 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga They came knocking at the door, just couldn't beat UNC. Also because of refs.
3 University of Oregon Logo Oregon They took care of business against Kansas but that box out nightmare against UNC finished them.
4 University of South Carolina Logo South Carolina Team that plays with a lot of grit and pride in their program. Took it down to the wire vs Gonzaga.
5 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky They were a few defensive stops away from a Final Four and ultimately led to their downfall.
6 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Breezed by every opponent, annihilating them until a team called Oregon met them.
7 Xavier University Logo Xavier What a run this team had, beating Maryland, FSU, and Arizona. Impressive but they were no match for the Zags.
8 University of Michigan Logo Michigan The team of destiny beat a offensive power in Oklahoma State then had to beat the Cards' Defense and even after that, loss to Oregon by 1.
9 University of Florida Logo Florida Went by their first 2 opponents then came the Wisconsin miracle, if it wasn't for that win, they would be lower.
10 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin Beating Villanova is a good feat and would've gone by Florida if not for Chiozza.
11 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia A great defensive team that barely lost to Gonzaga on that horrible last possesion, but nonetheless played good, beating Notre Dame too.
12 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA I don't know if it's fair ranking them low at #12 but their defense was sub par which lead to their defeat. Leaf played a good game though.
13 University of Arizona Logo Arizona They might've made it to the Sweet 16, but had to muscle their way there,The Gaels only lost by 9 then they lost to Xavier by 2.
14 Butler University Logo Butler Nothing much to say, they showed some flashes of a comeback vs UNC but couldn't get over the hump.
15 Baylor University Logo Baylor Although South Carolina hammered them, they had a pretty good game vs USC and got by New Mexico St.
16 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Another team that had potential to have a good tourney run but Michigan's offense was too much for them.
17 Villanova University Logo Villanova They're back to the Villanova we all know and love.
18 Purdue University Logo Purdue Had to fight their way to face Kansas, almost gave up their huge lead vs Iowa State and Vermont was creeping on them. 2nd half vs KU though
19 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State They were hot coming into the tournament but just couldn't comeback against Purdue. Monte Morris is a beast.
20 University of Rhode Island Logo URI Very good team that only lost by 3 vs Oregon. I think they had a pretty good tournament.
21 Duke University Logo Duke Another hot team going into the tournament but South Carolina just had more to play for,
22 Northwestern University Logo Northwestern Great first tournament appearance. Fought hard against Gonzaga then came the goaltending miss but they only lost by 6.
23 University of Southern California Logo USC Beat an SMU team that many thought could've gone far and played a good game against Baylor.
24 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State Had the chance to knock off UK but defensive pressure gave them the loss. Gregg Marshall's wife though.
25 University of Arkansas Logo Arkansas I don't think many expected them to nearly upset UNC, but they played hard and gave everyone a show to see.