University of Minnesota LogoKingkoch32's Ballot for Week 2 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 9:18PM EST
1 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Took care of business against North Florida
2 Duke University Logo Duke They have the potential to be the top team but are too unproven.
3 University of Kansas Logo Kansas
4 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State They'll be in the AAC this year, but they should win it in their first year.
5 University of Arizona Logo Arizona
6 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky The game against Utah Valley was too close for this team. Time will tell if this is just early jitters.(Update, Struggled and won another cl
7 University of Florida Logo Florida ose cupcake game) Florida:Haven't played anyone yet
8 Villanova University Logo Villanova Still too early in my opinion to evaluate them.
9 University of Southern California Logo USC No reasons to doubt their ability yet
10 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Solid win. I can't wait to see them face off with Wichita State
11 University of Minnesota Logo Minnesota 3 Point defense was lacking, but their starting five scored 72 in a 15 point victory over USC Upstate
12 Xavier University Logo Xavier Demolished Morehead State 49-101
13 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL)
14 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Losing too much to justify putting them any higher. They have the potential, but I can't justify it.
15 University of Notre Dame Logo Notre Dame Should be solid this year
16 Purdue University Logo Purdue They are better than they're given credit for
17 Texas A&M University Logo Texas A&M Throttled West Virginia
18 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Was Demolished by Texas A&M. I feel it still would be an overreaction to drop them out entirely
19 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga
20 University of Louisville Logo Louisville The scandal will affect them more than anyone thinks.
21 Northwestern University Logo Northwestern Struggled against Loyola (MD) Not impressive at all.
22 University of Alabama Logo Alabama
23 Baylor University Logo Baylor
24 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall
25 Providence College Logo Providence St. Mary's dropped because of a horrible offensive performance. (UCLA dropped out because of the uncertainty regarding the arrests)