University of Kansas Logopantherhawk17's Ballot for Week 3 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 10:15PM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke Good performance vs. MSU. A sleepy performance Friday night. Duke still seems like the easy pick here.
2 University of Arizona Logo Arizona Haven't really seen Arizona in a game that we can take anything away. We will kind of get that against NC State. Kind of.
3 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Won ugly vs. UK when they weren't make shots - answering a big question of how reliant on shooting they will be (not as much as feared).
4 Villanova University Logo Villanova Nova moves up and has looked great. Strongly considered moving them higher but all opponents are equal to much worse than all of KU's.
5 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Concerns about turnovers and shooting are carrying over from last year. I'm still skeptical but not dropping them a ton for losing to Duke.
6 University of Florida Logo Florida Looked great against 2 bad teams. Not much to learn here, but I think they are probably the best team in the SEC.
7 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State Two dominant wins, Charleston is terrible either. Only questions will be how Wichita State deals with high level teams - will have to wait.
8 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Kentucky looked better against KU than expected in some ways. I'm keeping them where I had them last week because of that.
9 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Cincinnati has played 3 low level opponents. So I'm just sticking with my initial thoughts on them.
10 Xavier University Logo Xavier One of the better wins of the year at Wisconsin in a fun game and atmosphere. Moved up from 12 last week.
11 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL) Miami looks good against bad teams. I moved them up, but only a small part due to their own performances. More due to others' poor showings.
12 University of Southern California Logo USC I dropped USC a few spots because they don't look great so far and I don't trust them without Melton.
13 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina UNC has looked great against UNI and not so good against Bucknell. A slight move by dropping them a spot.
14 Texas A&M University Logo Texas A&M Texas A&M has looked very good, but it's really just the WVU game. Monday they play an Ok St. team that shouldn't be great. A&M should roll.
15 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga I had Gonzaga at 11 last week largely based on track record. A poor enough showing at home against Utah St. has me questioning that logic.
16 University of Notre Dame Logo Notre Dame I hope we get a Notre Dame - Wichita State Maui match up. If we don't, it would be an upset and a disappointment.
17 University of Minnesota Logo Minnesota Minnesota impressed me at Providence and I have moved them up accordingly. Jordan Murphy is a stud.
18 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia They've played just 1 game, and it was against American, since getting destroyed by Texas A&M. Nervous this is too high still.
19 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Not exactly impressive against the likes of Geore Mason and Omaha. What will happen when they play a good team? Down 5 spots.
20 Purdue University Logo Purdue Good road win at Marquette, but I'm not too high on Marquette. Moved up a few spots, though.
21 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall Holding steady at 21. Took a little while, but eventually they imposed their will against a bad Indiana team at home.
22 Texas Christian University Logo TCU TCU struggled at home against South Dakota and has dropped a few spots. Fisher still playing light minutes coming back from injury, though.
23 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Virginia moves into the rankings, but more to do with teams dropping out. Win against VCU was good, but not a must-rank performance.
24 Baylor University Logo Baylor Baylor hasn't played anyone. We'll learn more Monday when they face Wisconsin.
25 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Texas Tech’s performance against Northwestern was very impressive. That alone is worthy of being ranked, and supplanted Creighton here.