University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logorickym24's Ballot for Week 5 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 6:51PM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke (-) Still most talented in the country, still undefeated (sometimes ugly), still #1 for me
2 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (+1) Dismantled two top 10 teams in a row, only loss is to the #1 so they jump back to #2 for me
3 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-1) Still beating up on teams they should be beating up on, just gotta keep winning
4 Villanova University Logo Villanova (-) No feast week hangover, outscored their opponents 184 to 115 this week
5 University of Florida Logo Florida (-) Didn't play this week, still think this is a top 5 team
6 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State (+2) Went on the road and beat a good Baylor team, game got close but never really felt like they were going to lose it
7 University of Notre Dame Logo Notre Dame (-1) Only drop 1 spot because there isn't a team who'd be favored @MSU, would've liked to see them keep it closer but can't blame em
8 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL) (+3) Went on the road and beat Minnesota who I had (12) last week, great win. That backcourt is no joke
9 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (-2) Down 2 spots because of what other teams did, would've liked to see them beat a bad Harvard team by at least double digits
10 Texas A&M University Logo Texas A&M (-2) Like Kentucky drop because of other teams, took care of UT Rio Grande like they should have
11 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (+2)Looked fairly dominant in all 3 games (Michigan, Davidson, Tulane) It helps when you have a NPOY candidate like Luke Maye on the team :)
12 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (+2) Took care of a Creighton team who I had on the fringe at home, looking good in Spokane (hurts me to say this)
13 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (+4) Beat Wisconsin at home in an absolute barn burner, had a lot of teams in front of them lose
14 University of Minnesota Logo Minnesota (-2) Dropped the home game to a great Miami team, love Murphy and think this is the 2nd best team in the B1G (might not be saying much
15 Xavier University Logo Xavier (+5) Huge wins over Baylor and Cincy at home, good bounce back after that schlacking ASU gave them
16 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State (+7) Tough for me to rank them behind Xavier after they smacked them but X got huge wins this week
17 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati (-7) Lost the crosstown shootout, didn't really make it all that close either. Didn't see that one coming
18 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia (+3) Took care of business against NJIT, not much else
19 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall (+5) Two big wins over Texas Tech and Louisville on the road, knew keeping them ranked was the right choice last week
20 Baylor University Logo Baylor (-5) Losses to Wichita St. and Xavier on the road, not too shabby, I'm still high on the Bears
21 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (+4) They keep winning, teams in front keep losing, they move up
22 Texas Christian University Logo TCU (NR) Same thing as Nevada, Jamie Dixon will have this team in the Tournament
23 Purdue University Logo Purdue (NR) Bounced back after some tough losses in the Bahama, 3rd best team in the B1G in my mind
24 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (-8) Lost a tough road game @Purdue and lost at home to a Seton Hall team I had (24). Im a believer in the talent so they stay
25 Creighton University Logo Creighton (NR) Coming around on the Jays, played tough in Spokane. Needed a team here. [IN - Purdue/TCU/Creighton] [OUT - USC/Bama/TTU]