Duke University Logoshaidar9haran's Ballot for Week 5 of 2017-18

Submitted on Monday, December 4, 2017 at 12:54AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke Bagley got his 8th Double Double in just 10 games. K has cut the rotation down to 9 which is deeper than most Duke squads
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas This team is cruising and Devonte Graham is playing amazing. His Assist Rate AND TS% off the charts. But small rotation might catch up to KU
3 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Dispatched two top ten ACC teams this past week while winning their first conference game easily... a loss to Duke is their only blemish.
4 University of Florida Logo Florida No games this week. KP rates their defense #21 but having had unnaturally bad luck with opponent FT%, I suspect they're even better.
5 Villanova University Logo Villanova Haven't even been remotely tested, but this week's game against Gonzaga should be a fun litmus test.
6 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State Strong win over Baylor continues to show their strength, especially considering they're still without McDuffie.
7 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL) This team's size, speed and athleticism is allowing them to hold opponents to the lowest eFG% in the nation, held Gophers in check.
8 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Playing a bunch of cupcakes inflates your stats a bit, but this team is still obviously good. Tough slate coming against VT, UCLA, UL b4 SEC
9 Texas A&M University Logo Texas A&M Upcoming clash against the struggling Zona Wildcats could be another chance to add to the best resume in basketball.
10 University of Notre Dame Logo Notre Dame Not many people will beat MSU when they play like that, but still that game exposed some flaws in ND, namely defense and rebounding.
11 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga A weaker Defensive rating might be explained away by flukey 3pt Def (287th nationally) or just from playing Florida, might beat Nova...
12 University of Minnesota Logo Minnesota Showed they were worthy of a top ranking during their battle with Miami, not many teams can hang with that team.
13 Purdue University Logo Purdue This is a tough team to gauge, but they just won four straight against top 50 teams in convincing manner
14 Xavier University Logo Xavier JP Macura seems like a tool, but this team has some dog in it, they're gonna fight to the last buzzer.
15 University of Virginia Logo Virginia The Wisconsin game was ugly, but it was a good win. UVA is 4-0 against top 100 but hasn't played a top 25 team, that changes Tue. with WVU
16 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina This team simply cannot rely on Luke Maye to be their star, Berry and Pinson need to figure their shit out.
17 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State Still very suspect of their defensive efficiency, but with Xavier looking amazing and the beatdown they gave Xavier...
18 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati I sincerely think this team is talented and has a shot, but the loss to X didn't look good and with no other top100 wins, hard to rank...
19 Baylor University Logo Baylor Tough to fault this team for losing to two top 15 squads, they definitely proved they could hang with the big boys, but need to win one.
20 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Haven't been tested since the opening night loss, but look much more like what we expected. Virginia at home will be a measuring stick.
21 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall Desi and Angel are a dynamic duo to watch, this team is fun and experienced, should pose a challenge in the BE
22 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Tough losses to two good teams, but this team needs to find it's way on offense.
23 University of Arizona Logo Arizona Needing OT versus UNLV is a bad sign that the Atlantis lull is behind them. Another poor result and I'll be overlooking their talent.
24 University of Alabama Logo Alabama Bad loss to UCF, this team has playmakers but needs to put it together more consistently.
25 Texas Christian University Logo TCU 8-0 against mostly sub100 teams. SMU and Nevada this week in true tests. NEXT FIVE: USC, TN, KState, OU, SMU