Providence College LogoKJones77's Ballot for Week 10 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 10:49PM EST
1 Villanova University Logo Villanova up 2
2 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia up 3; great win over Oklahoma
3 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State down 2
4 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech up 10; losses help them move up further than I would've anticipated, but Kansas is a great win
5 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State up 3; that attrition ahead of them though
6 Duke University Logo Duke down 4; first BC and now NC State...
7 University of Virginia Logo Virginia up 5; nice win against UNC
8 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma down 2; West Virginia is a great loss on the road
9 University of Kansas Logo Kansas down 2; Texas Tech is a fine loss, TCU a good win
10 Texas Christian University Logo TCU no change; still no bad losses and competitive ones at that
11 University of Arizona Logo Arizona down 2; Colorado baby
12 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State down 8; Colorado baby
13 Xavier University Logo Xavier down 2; Providence isn't that bad of a loss, but these guys have been teetering
14 Purdue University Logo Purdue up 4; B1G will help them rise since Purdue is good and the B1G sucks B1G time
15 Florida State University Logo Florida State up 1; am I the only one who really likes this FSU team? almost beat Duke and then beat UNC back-to-back? yes please
16 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall up 3; undefeated start to conference play, but haven't played Nova or X yet
17 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga up 5; I honestly had no plans to move them up but everybody keeps losing at the bottom
18 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina down 3; I think they should drop more after losing two straight, but I can't really see who I'd drop them below right now
19 Clemson University Logo Clemson up 6; really proving themselves; tough win against Louisville
20 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky no change; it's not like Tennessee isn't good
21 Auburn University Logo Auburn up 3; started off SEC play as needed
22 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati up 1
23 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee new; back in after brief week out thanks to Kentucky win
24 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL) down 7; good bounce back with FSU to stay in barely
25 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State new; impressive coaching job by Holtmann and big win over MSU gets them in; Texas A&M (13) and Arkansas (22) fall out