Villanova University Logobillsnewera's Ballot for Week 10 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 11:01PM EST
1 Villanova University Logo Villanova (+3) Well that was quick
2 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia (+4) This ballot is a mess, I really liked the way they held Trae Young in check Saturday
3 Duke University Logo Duke (no chg) I don't like this one at all, but the resume is still of course there even after two road ACC losses
4 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-3) They got waxed WHILE I was writing my ballot so I put them lower than Duke
5 Xavier University Logo Xavier (-3) Chance to prove something big in Philly on Wednesday, else they will have lost two in a row
6 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (+7) Now my ACC 1A to Duke's 1
7 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma (+5) I had them too low before and other teams had a more repulsive week than a loss @ Press Virginia
8 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State (-3)
9 Purdue University Logo Purdue (+5) Boiler Ball takes the undefeated-in-the-states resume to Ann Arbor and Minneapolis this week
10 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (+1) Tale of two games for KU, it still feels silly to have them 3rd in the Big XII
11 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (+8) TTU has already proven itself to me as a top-15 team. With a win @ Norman or vs WVU, they could feel like a title contender
12 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State (-4) 8 was too high, this isn't a 2-seed. Also AAC cannibalism is fierce early, WSU better watch out
13 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (-4) 1-1 on the road in this SEC isn't too bad for a week for UK
14 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall (+3) This ballot feels a little Big 12 and Big east-y
15 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (-8) Even 15 feels high after the week the Heels just had
16 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati (+4) Another week in the AAC, Cincy has to prove itself next weekend down at UCF
17 Florida State University Logo Florida State (+5) I think this is the highest I've had them
18 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL) (-2) The U gets a well-deserved week off before Saturday @ Clemson and Monday vs Duke
19 Texas Christian University Logo TCU (-4) Somebody has to finish fourth in this league
20 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (+1) Another road sweep for the Bulldogs, Saint Mary's is on the 18th
21 University of Arizona Logo Arizona (-3) This game was kind of sad to watch, I wonder how the guys respond to Sean's comments after
22 Clemson University Logo Clemson (NEW) 3-0 in ACC with a home game against the U next Saturday
23 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (NEW) Nevada is back in at 15-3, the Bracketology guys seem to think this is a two-bid MW
24 Auburn University Logo Auburn (NEW) A couple BIG wins for a team I was doubting, should sweep the Mississippis this week
25 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State (NEW)~~~~26 A&M, 27 Baylor, 28 Arkansas, 29 Tennessee, 30 Creighton, best 5-loss team Butler