Duke University LogoTwosixtytwo's Ballot for Week 10 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 10:53PM EST
1 Villanova University Logo Villanova LW: 2
2 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia LW: 7. They looked dominant against Oklahoma!
3 University of Virginia Logo Virginia LW: 17. I was way too low on UVA last week. Hadn't yet watched them play, and they hadn't beaten a top-25 team. They proved me wrong
4 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State LW: 1
5 Purdue University Logo Purdue LW: 8
6 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State LW: 4
7 Xavier University Logo Xavier LW: 5
8 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech LW: 16. Was waiting to see how they'd fare against a top opponent like Kansas. Got a convincing W, and on the road to boot!
9 Duke University Logo Duke LW: 3. Obviously really disappointed...I was hoping BC and FSU were flukes, but the defense is just not there right now.
10 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma LW: 6
11 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State LW: 14
12 University of Kansas Logo Kansas LW: 11
13 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall LW: 20. Clutched out a road win against Butler. I think I've been overlooking SHU because of the Rutgers loss, but they're very good.
14 University of Arizona Logo Arizona LW: 12
15 Clemson University Logo Clemson LW: 23. Same story as SHU; the wins this week were nice, but I'm mainly bumping them up because I was underrating them before.
16 University of Florida Logo Florida LW: NR. I have no idea what to do with Florida. They have great wins, though they haven't looked great. I'll put them here for now.
17 Auburn University Logo Auburn LW: NR. Back-to-back ranked wins, including one on the road! What a week for Auburn!
18 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati LW: 22
19 Texas Christian University Logo TCU LW: 18
20 Texas A&M University Logo Texas A&M LW: 9. Not sure how to rate A&M given all the absences, but I'll leave them here for now. Expect them to climb once they're at full power.
21 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina LW: 10. The FSU loss wasn't terrible; the Virginia loss was kinda terrible, because the team looked totally helpless.
22 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga LW: 25
23 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee LW: 19
24 Creighton University Logo Creighton LW: NR
25 Florida State University Logo Florida State LW: 24