University of Virginia LogoSnasty728's Ballot for Week 12 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 9:31PM EST
1 Villanova University Logo Villanova +0 from my poll last week. Welcome to the "I'm still salty that the Jags lost to the Pats" edition of my poll.
2 Duke University Logo Duke +0, still believe Duke>UVA as of right now. Duke has wins over Michigan State, Florida, FSU, and Miami...
3 University of Virginia Logo Virginia +0, while UVA has wins against URI and UNC. UVA has advantage in the loss column, and a better loss at that, but wins are what matters.
4 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia +0, aided a bit by other Big XII loses.
5 Xavier University Logo Xavier +2, hear me out: all of Xavier's losses have been against solid teams, AND they've beaten Xavier, Cincy, Butler, Creighton, and Seton Hall.
6 Purdue University Logo Purdue +2, meanwhile, Purdue's key wins are Arizona, Louisville, Butler, and Michigan, but they've also had losses to Tennessee and WKU.
7 University of Kansas Logo Kansas +3, Kansas really about to win the Big XII again huh?
8 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma -3, live by the Trae, die by the Trae.
9 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech -3, as you will soon see, a lot of teams that lost this week were aided by drops from Wichita State, Kentucky, and TCU.
10 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State +1
11 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina +3, big win over Clemson by the Heels.
12 University of Arizona Logo Arizona +0
13 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State +0, exhibit A on teams assisted by others falling.
14 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall +1, Seton Hall is very lucky that their OOC schedule was tough and full of current top 25 teams.
15 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati +4, I've given in on Cincy, they deserve a higher spot than what I gave them.
16 Clemson University Logo Clemson +5, Clemson is lucky that they got to play Notre Dame they same week as their loss to UNC so they could somewhat redeem themselves.
17 Auburn University Logo Auburn +1
18 University of Louisville Logo Louisville +6, do you now see why I put Louisville in my poll last week?
19 University of Florida Logo Florida NEW, I never thought the Gators would get back to this point after the loss to Loyola, but here we are.
20 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State NEW, I was wrong about the Buckeyes, they're legit.
21 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State -12, Jayz yikes face dot gif
22 University of Rhode Island Logo URI NEW, I was wrong about Rhode Island as well. They're absolutely rolling through the A-10.
23 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee -3, as I said before, if you see anything on here that you're curious about, feel free to PM me or reply to my comment on the poll post.
24 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky -8
25 Texas Christian University Logo TCU -8, Next 15: Michigan, Gonzaga, Houston, Miami, Creighton, FSU, KSU, Arkansas, Providence, Nevada, St. Mary's, LSU, TA&M, NMST, and Baylor.