Syracuse University Logofalconlover79's Ballot for Week 13 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 7:58PM EST
1 Villanova University Logo Villanova (LW: 1) Even without Phil Booth, this team can still win tough road games, a good sign for Wildcat fans.
2 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (LW: 2) DeAndre Hunter may be one of the more interesting players in the nation, and he doesn't even start for the Hoos.
3 Duke University Logo Duke (LW: 3) Bit of a gap between 2 & 3, as evidenced by UVA's win on Saturday. Duke should bounce back though.
4 Purdue University Logo Purdue (LW: 4) The Boilers proved they could win without much 3 point shooting, although it was a close call.
5 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (LW: 5) Hard to punish Kansas for a road loss to Oklahoma, especially with the bounce back performance against A&M
6 Xavier University Logo Xavier (LW: 7) Xavier continues to consistently win when most others aren't.
7 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (LW: 8) Nice to see the Spartans get two W's despite the surrounding circumstances.
8 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (LW: 11) Still may be the best challenger to KU in the Big 12, although there's still questions about this young team.
9 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati (LW: 9) Consistency is key in the American, where the Bearcats still haven't lost yet.
10 University of Arizona Logo Arizona (LW: 10) The Wildcats weren't as dominant at home as I hoped, but 2 wins keep them solidly atop the Pac 12.
11 Auburn University Logo Auburn (LW: 13) 2 more dominant SEC wins as they hold the top spot in the conference.
12 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State (LW: 15) Holy shit Austin Reaves went wild on Sunday.
13 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma (LW: 14) I would enjoy watching OU games a lot more if I could hear about any other player besides Trae Young; still a good player though
14 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia (LW: 6) I figured this senior-laden team would respond better to adversity than they have so far.
15 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (LW: 22) Quietly the Vols have won 6 of their last 7 and are one of the better teams in the SEC as of now.
16 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State (LW: 24) Big week coming up for KSU as they get tested, getting Kansas at home and West Virginia on the road.
17 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (LW: 10) Not much time to rebound after 2 straight losses; @Clemson with Duke on the horizon.
18 University of Rhode Island Logo URI (LW: 21) Bit of a scare against Duquesne, but URI stays untouched in the A-10 so far.
19 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State (LW: 16) It took a month, but ASU finally played like they did in December, however it came off of a loss at home to Utah
20 University of Florida Logo Florida (LW: 19) Is Egbunu ever going to come back? If so, the Gators might be SEC favourites.
21 Clemson University Logo Clemson (LW: 17) The 2nd half against Virginia was beyond ugly and the Tigers will hopefully manage the loss of Grantham a bit better moving forward
22 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (LW: NR) And they're back. After waiting two and a half months for a leader to emerge, Kevin Knox showed himself on Saturday night.
23 Seton Hall University Logo Seton Hall (LW: 23) Not a very noteworthy week for the Pirates, just a win over lowly DePaul to show for it.
24 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (LW: 18) Oh Laramie, the graveyard of many MWC tourney hopefuls, perhaps Nevada can rebound from their loss to Wyoming.
25 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State (LW: 20) Heartbreak aside, the Buckeyes are still in great shape with their upcoming schedule. Next 5: FSU, SMC, USC, Michigan, Creighton