Syracuse University Logofalconlover79's Ballot for Week 15 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 9:14PM EST
1 Villanova University Logo Villanova (LW: 1) The loss to St. John's may not look good, but at this point in the year one loss should not bury them after this week of chaos.
2 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (LW: 2) As with Villanova, last week's top 3 had too much separation to fall due to their losses (unless you lose twice, like Purdue)
3 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (LW: 4) A 6 game win streak in the Big 12 is nothing short of spectacular. Their road win against KSU on Saturday was dominant.
4 Xavier University Logo Xavier (LW: 5) Two huge road wins will look great in March, but X fans know they need to beat Villanova in order to keep that 1 seed going.
5 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (LW: 6) A much needed win for MSU, as their resume lacked as many quality wins as other top teams. Miles Bridges chose to change that.
6 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati (LW: 9) Time for Cincy to prove their top 10 ranking this week; @Houston and vs Wichita State as they try to prove superiority in the AAC
7 Clemson University Logo Clemson (LW: 13) Clemson didn't do much themselves to change their resume, but UNC and Ohio State both improved the Tigers' resume with their wins.
8 Purdue University Logo Purdue (LW: 3) Purdue faced their first 2 major challenges since November, and neither turned into wins. Resume still looks good at least.
9 Auburn University Logo Auburn (LW: 7) They failed to defend home court, but Texas A&M has been hot as of late, and Auburn is still well in control of 1st in the SEC
10 Duke University Logo Duke (LW: 8) The defence remains a problem for Duke, but the offence and rebounding left them in the 2nd half against UNC as well.
11 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (LW: 16) Yes I know they beat Duke, but that doesn't absolve them of the Wofford loss, plus they've lost 2 extra times compared to Duke.
12 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (LW: 10) The next 4 games for KU will decide their Big 12 and tournament fate. They must go 3-1 to hope for title #13 and a 1 seed.
13 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State (LW: 20) The Buckeyes now have the lead in the B1G thanks to Purdue's losses. It's a tough 2 week stretch for them to finish with that title
14 University of Rhode Island Logo URI (LW: 14) Another week, another 2 wins for the Rams. @St. Bonaventure on Friday may be their big challenge of the regular season.
15 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (LW: 11) Not a big surprise that the Vols fell at Coleman on Saturday, the margin of victory was the surprising aspect.
16 University of Arizona Logo Arizona (LW: 12) Two very different showings for the Wildcats this week, they'll need to play like they did against USC when they travel to Tempe.
17 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia (LW: 19) They added another quality win to the list with a road win over OU, only to lose at home to their rival on Saturday.
18 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State (LW: 18) Long-awaited meeting with Cincinnati this week, this is what they joined the American for.
19 Texas A&M University Logo Texas A&M (LW: NR) They're finally back to their non-conference strength. The Aggies now have 4 in a row after dismantling Kentucky.
20 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State (LW: NR) Speaking of getting back to pre-conference play strength, the Sun Devils added two nice wins against potential tournament teams.
21 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma (LW: 15) The Big 12 never lets up, and the Sooners have to try to end their losing streak in Lubbock against the conference leaders.
22 University of Florida Logo Florida (LW: NR) Tied for 2nd in the SEC, the Gators have looked inconsistent at times but are still near the top of one of the toughest leagues.
23 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech (LW: NR) One of the more impressive wins of the year, Virginia Tech stifled the Virginia offence which had just exploded against FSU.
24 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (LW: 17) The Caleb Martin scenario was a scare but it appears that he is back and the Wolfpack need him for a matchup with Boise this week.
25 University of Missouri Logo Missouri (LW: NR) Just imagine this team if MPJ can come back. Next 5: Gonzaga, Creighton, Houston, NMSU, Kentucky