Michigan State University LogoAxgwd1's Ballot for Week 19 of 2017-18

Submitted on Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 2:07PM EDT
1 University of Virginia Logo Virginia This one is going to be a little different as I rank them by Title Contenders and not Rankings
2 Villanova University Logo Villanova Best offense but inconsistent
3 Duke University Logo Duke Most talent but will it pull through?
4 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Little beat beatten down the stretch but gets some rest
5 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Oh boi another final 4
6 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Coming together late
7 Xavier University Logo Xavier Dark horse pick
8 University of Michigan Logo Michigan My only problem is they might’ve peaked
9 Purdue University Logo Purdue Senior lead, Favorite roster in country but limped to finish
10 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Weak schedule worries me
11 University of Arizona Logo Arizona Ayton is pretty good
12 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Now this I’m probably going to regret and I probably do have them low, but they don’t have a roster I love really (on O)
13 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Last real contender, rest have Flaws
14 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State Lack of a real star player but can make a run
15 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee It’ll be interesting to see how they fair in high pressure, I see upset or get upset potential
16 Auburn University Logo Auburn A team that could get out in first round
17 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Limped Down stretch, never really thought as a contender tho
18 Clemson University Logo Clemson A lot of teams are upset potential and this is one
19 University of Florida Logo Florida If healthy and well, could be higher
20 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Too reliant on one player
21 University of Rhode Island Logo URI Dark horse pick
22 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Sweet 16 contender
23 University of Miami (Florida) Logo Miami (FL) They good, but are they that good?
24 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Talent wise top 5, but wildly inconsistent
25 St. Bonaventure University Logo St. Bonaventure I really wouldn’t want to play this team in March, very good