Princeton University Logo_Jetto_'s Ballot for Week 19 of 2017-18

Submitted on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 1:25AM EDT
1 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Best D team in country(packline), you cant win agnst their pace and they force their pace on you. may struggle with press teams alla WVU.
2 Villanova University Logo Villanova Efficient offense, fundamentally sound, wish their defense was as good as 2016. tough guards, complete offensive team, can play various ways
3 Xavier University Logo Xavier really good offensively, can score multiple ways, legit guard, wish they were tougher defensively.
4 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State I thought they would have had a better performance this season overall, but they still performed. super balanced with a STUD on their team
5 Duke University Logo Duke LENGHTY team i like their ZONE, can score with anybody in the country, as has been duek teams of last couple seasons can lose focus instretc
6 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Selfs DHO motion is 180 from his H-L but they are underrated off imo. devonte is legit. can defend in stretches too
7 Purdue University Logo Purdue motion O team, if they hit 3s they can make afinal 4 if they cant, they have to rely on their def and rebounding
8 University of Michigan Logo Michigan LOVE the 2 guard O, really like the pace they play, atheltic guards which makes their d the best its been in awhile. tough to play at mi pac
9 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Cronins team alwyas defend and play super hard, offensively they got some more versatility than in other years, well see if it helps
10 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina can absolutely run on anyone in the tourney, great transiiton O team and reb team,. can they play in grind it out games in march
11 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech pure old school motion O, streakky from perimeter can take some inefficient shots, their defense at times this year is NO JOKE, can switch
12 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia kinda same as TTU but with their motion sets and off spacing at times can still leave them indrought in the hc, good def, press is good
13 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga not as high as some, i think they are slightly overrated due to schedule. they do have some versatility on O and a solid E8 worhty def
14 University of Arizona Logo Arizona if they were locked in on the def end as in years past, HOLYYY. still a very good balanced team, good on O, have playmakers. can make a run
15 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Cal always sacks wins early to play slower than they should to prepare for march. inconsistent team shooting but really good d
16 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee wish they were more poised down the strtch in their sec tourney game, v good defensive team, balanced defensively, need to run more
17 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State wish they were a bit more spry in their halfcourt, still run some good hc sets, if they can stay confident they will b dngerous
18 Auburn University Logo Auburn i dont care if they are short if they play with heart wich AU has, sucks with the injuries but still a good team. need to be intense def
19 University of Houston Logo Houston underrated guard play, sampson can coach, not an easy out
20 Clemson University Logo Clemson sucks with injuries, can they get their grit defensively and hold for an entire week
21 Wichita State University Logo Wichita State should play more zone, very suscpetible this team but funamentally sound and well coached, shamet is a stud, a tough out for anyone
22 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada might be overratign them, they can score they got players with some versatility on O.. i think poor defensively in a lot of stretches
23 Texas Christian University Logo TCU surrpised a dixon team isnt consistently focused on the def end, their motion is no slouch, got guards that can get hott
24 Florida State University Logo Florida State up and down team, if they show up, their length and versitlity defesnively can get punish. need to get out in transition more,
25 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State webber can COACH. very balanced offensive and defensive team, wouldn't sleep on them. have shown toughness