Pepperdine University LogoDEP61's Ballot for Preseason of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, October 15, 2018 at 5:10AM EDT
1 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Ladies and gentlemen, we are back in business. Nice.
2 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Preseason polls are tough, because you can do all the research in the world and it might not mean a thing.
3 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga One of those things you just have to kinda make guesswork of and do the best you can.
4 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Obviously, certain teams are gonna be more likely to fit up here than others.
5 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Occasionally, though, you get some surprises.
6 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Like these guys.
7 Duke University Logo Duke By and large, though, these ballots will normalize as the season goes.
8 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Good teams will stick around.
9 Purdue University Logo Purdue Bad teams will not (not saying Purdue is bad, just the way things shook out).
10 University of Virginia Logo Virginia hahaha dae UMBC
11 Villanova University Logo Villanova Whatever happens, though, 353 teams will give this season a run for its money.
12 Auburn University Logo Auburn Kind of a surprise, kind of not? I don't really know anymore.
13 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Last year I had these guys 1. Not gonna make that mistake against.
14 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State Lowkey v v good, I think.
15 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Always in this 10-20 range, but very rarely above it.
16 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech Just like K-State, good but playing second fiddle for now.
17 Marquette University Logo Marquette I have no idea where this team came from but they're here.
18 Saint Mary's College of California Logo St. Mary's Still mad about the tourney game from last year, honestly, but I can't deny that the most boring style of play ever works for the Gaels.
19 University of Alabama Logo Alabama Even without Sexton, I like the base this team has.
20 Loyola University Chicago Logo Loyola Chicago I don't think they'll replicate the dream run they had but they return a lot of good pieces.
21 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA Make-or-break year for Alford - last year was such a shitshow that it shouldn't be difficult to overcome.
22 Louisiana State University Logo LSU Geaux Tigers. Historically not that special, I think this team might have a decent shot this year.
23 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo I generally like to reserve 23-25 for mid-major and low-major teams that I think are outstanding in their category.
24 Davidson College Logo Davidson As it's a preseason ballot, though, I'm willing to extend a little leeway in terms of I rank. For example, sitting at 25...
25 Pepperdine University Logo Pepperdine Stupid? Probably, but I want to see that little Pepperdine (1) just once while I'm a voter here. All I ask is that I'm allowed that.