University of Minnesota LogoSleveMcDichael4's Ballot for Preseason of 2018-19

Submitted on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 2:24AM EDT
1 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Second best recruiting class + Travis, some returning talent, and a bunch of extra practices in the Bahamas. The Wildcats are loaded.
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Two big returnees + the three transfers finally get their call + Grimes and Dotson arrive. This probably isn't the year the streak ends.
3 Duke University Logo Duke This is about as low as I feel comfortable putting Barrett, Reddish, Williamson, and Jones. Inexperienced? Sure. But don't overthink this.
4 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Tillie, Norvell, and Hachimura all return. It looks like Crandall's arrival is finally official, which should push them over the edge.
5 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada The Wolf Pack's game is transfer recruiting and they've done it very well. Four eligible transfers + four returning starters = contender.
6 University of Virginia Logo Virginia The Cavs' main problem is that they struggle to function outside their scheme, but said scheme made them #1 overall seed. They'll be fine.
7 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Another defensive juggernaut, the Vols return pretty much their entire rotation but are slightly worse than UVA on both sides of the ball.
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Not as deep a recruiting class as Duke, but three top-50 guys + the experience of Maye and Williams should let them compete for the ACC.
9 Villanova University Logo Villanova By Nova's lofty standards, this is a retooling year. Quinerly, though a 5* recruit, symbolizes rare inexperience leading a Wright roster.
10 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Bridges and Jackson are gone, but they weren't the entire team. Izzo will coach someone into taking the reins. He always does.
11 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State It's the same Wildcat team that stormed to the E8 last year, and with Wade nursed back to health, they should be scary yet again.
12 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Carter and Miles are huge losses, but Huggins is an elite coach and Konate is going to block everything within 15 feet of the hoop.
13 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech Williams has quickly transformed the Hokies from perennial afterthought to ACC Tournament double bye contender. Almost everyone returns.
14 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Given who they've lost, that this is White's last year, and that Bol and King are likely one-and-dones, this feels like a do-or-die year.
15 Louisiana State University Logo LSU Don't sleep on Waters or this recruiting class. The Tigers won't win the SEC, but they'll play everyone tougher than you might expect.
16 Auburn University Logo Auburn I'm lower than most on the Tigers, but three transfers becoming eligible can at least try to atone for the loss of two double-digit scorers.
17 Syracuse University Logo Syracuse I hate zone defense as much as the next guy, but a team with this much experience under Boeheim is going to be a tough out.
18 University of Michigan Logo Michigan A rare team to lose multiple big pieces and still be super deep. Could pull another B1G Tournament title out of nowhere.
19 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State Most of the rotation is back and two top-50 recruits arrive. A return to the NIT would be a disappointment for these Bulldogs.
20 Indiana University Bloomington Logo Indiana Langford is a huge get, and his backcourt skillset should complement the frontcourt presence of Morgan and Davis nicely.
21 Florida State University Logo Florida State Cofer being allowed to return is important, but last year's 'Noles often seemed to play down to their opponents. If that quits, they roll.
22 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland I'll buy the Cowan hype, and Smith and Wiggins highlight a great recruiting class. Should easily compete for a B1G Tournament double bye.
23 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA O'Neal won't play, but he wasn't even the best recruit in the class. That's Brown, who should pair well with Wilkes and Hands.
24 Clemson University Logo Clemson The Tigers will miss DeVoe, but they return almost everyone else and played well through last year's injury to Grantham.
25 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati The Bearcats lost a lot, but I trust Cronin to make the most of what remains. Cumberland is legit and I like Broome in a starting role.