Ohio State University LogoRetMaestro's Ballot for Preseason of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, October 15, 2018 at 11:31PM EDT
1 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky The most original pick ever im sure, Cal still recruits well with the #2 recruiting class coming in and the top 2 scorers returning.
2 Duke University Logo Duke Raw talent alone makes this team lethal, hopefully K can keep this talented squad from falling victim too freshman squad inexpedience
3 University of Kansas Logo Kansas FBI OPEN UP! Its looking like De Sousa might not play and this could be a season of distractions.
4 Villanova University Logo Villanova Jay wright just won another title, this time he had a projected #1st rounder, he also has a top 20 class this time
5 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Yes losing too UMBC was painful, funny for neutrals, but this team was the 1 seed for a reason and I doubt theyll miss a beat this year
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga RUI HACHIMURA!!! This team is loaded with talent returning a la their runner up year, Mark Few always puts together a respectable team too
7 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee In true Vol fashion theyll miss the tourney since I have them this high but the SEC POTY returns with the other 5 highest scorers
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina No looming NCAA sanctions has got too feel nice and Nassir Little has been nothing but clean in the FBI case so even more positively
9 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada 5 star forward + the martin brothers = best team in school history on paper, this is the mid major darling of the year cmv
10 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State im hedging my bets that MSU is better than Auburn on nothing but blind faith in Izzo, ideally this wont burn me but it will, I can feel it
11 Auburn University Logo Auburn disrepek thy name is Auby, returning most of the team that tied for the SEC has lead to high expectations and I cant wait to see them dancin
12 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State first big 12 not named Kansas, this is the year for K-State to raise out hopes then dash them, most of the major pieces are back for round 2
13 Syracuse University Logo Syracuse Is Syracuse a march only team, maybe. This year I think theyll have a much less contentious march bid as they show up for the whole season
14 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech 1 of 3 teams to beat UVA, lost there lead scorer unfortunately but have their other roles still filled from last year, 5 seed at worst
15 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Press Virginia goes in and a AP ranking comes out, Jevon Carter is a loss but Huggy bear hasnt disappointed in the regular season
16 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Absolutely loaded incoming class including Bol Bol has me a believer in Dana Altman and his mighty ducks
17 Florida State University Logo Florida State Phil Coffer got a 5th year waiver, the depth on this team seems to be a positive and they should be a solid top 6 team in ACC play this year
18 Purdue University Logo Purdue Edwards and Edwards might no longer be a thing but Edwards is still here and has been picked as a potential NPOTY, so uh...dont disappoint
19 University of Michigan Logo Michigan I want you to know how much I hate that youre good. Beilein continues his stellar run as a coach with a title appearance, dont do it again.
20 Louisiana State University Logo LSU Will Wade still croots and is turning LSU into a nice destination, I dont think this is the year of contention but could be a breakout year
21 Clemson University Logo Clemson Im a bit higher on the Clemson train than most, crazy how Brownell was on the hot seat 2 years ago. 4 of the top 6 scorers return also....
22 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State This NIT team is poised to take the awkward lurch forward into national relevance, hopefully.
23 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Cincinnati's only ranked team kappa.
24 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA Do I trust Alford? No. Does he fall ass backwards into a tourney birth and a decent team every year? Yes.
25 Texas Christian University Logo TCU I like this squad, Dixon is a true leader bah gawd. The Big 12 is loaded and I think this squad is a dark horse number 2 in conference