University of Kentucky Logohazyel's Ballot for Preseason of 2018-19

Submitted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 8:06PM EDT
1 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky I feel the top 2 are interchangable, however, I believe Kentucky's overall talent prevails over Kansas. They don't have many weak links
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Final Four type team. Adding Grimes & Dotson surely makes up for the loss of Graham, keeping Udoka and Silvio was just the cherry on top
3 Duke University Logo Duke Very top heavy. Their big 3 of Reddish, Zion, & RJ will be deadly, and that's without mentioning Tre Jones. Will be interesting to see
4 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Similar to Tennessee in keeping everyone, however, I think their additions put them over the top with Jordan Brown
5 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Very experienced team top to bottom.They return everyone from last season, will be a huge threat to the SEC
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Brining back one of their more expierenced teams to date, they have the talent to make it to the big stage behind Rui
7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina I think the addition of Little has overshadowed the arrivals of White & Black, and returning Johnson + Maye is crucial. Good mix
8 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Retaining players like Guy & Jerome is great, but keeping Hunter was crucial. He'll be the star this season however, losing Wilkins is oof
9 Auburn University Logo Auburn Solid team top to bottom. Having Wiley alongside Purifoy was needed for them to compete this year, and now they'll be one of best
10 Louisiana State University Logo LSU I think it's understated how good LSU will be. Waters will be one of the best in the SEC, and accompaning him is a top freshman class,
11 Villanova University Logo Villanova They won't have the same talent or depth as last season's team, however, they'll still be solid with Jahvon, Swider, & Slader arriving
12 Syracuse University Logo Syracuse Very similar situation to Nevada, where they retain everyone and bring back a talented piece. Here, Carey will contribute immediately
13 University of Oregon Logo Oregon I'm high on the Ducks (for now). Despite losing Brown, they bring back their PG and add one of the best freshmen classes in the country
14 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech Bring back their talent of Blackshear, Walker, and Robinson along with freshman Nolley put them in this spot
15 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State Perry & Woodward's additions to this team makes them a SEC threat. Top to bottom, they can match up with teams like Auburn
16 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State Where's the ASU love? They bring in the #11 class (247) in the nation along with transfer Cheatham.
17 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State Bringing back Wade, Brown, & Sneed gives this team the expierence they need to take down juggernauts like Kansas in the Big 12
18 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland IMO, they're arguably the most talented team in the B1G. Keeping Cowan & Fernando then adding Smith, Wiggins, & Ayala completes this team
19 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Losing Bridges & Jackson will hurt them, however, they bring in a great slew of freshmen. Although, I think their lack of star power hurts
20 Indiana University Bloomington Logo Indiana Solid team to build around with adding one-and-done candidate Romeo Langord and Jerome Hunter
21 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia As usual, they'll be one of the best defensive teams in the country. However, their backcourt may be a little weak in depth
22 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas A solid returning squad adding with the #8 class in the country headlined by Ramey & Liddell makes them a sleeper team to look out for
23 University of Washington Logo Washington Return all starters, and after coming off a season with wins over Kansas and ASU, they'll be a team to keep an eye on
24 University of Southern California Logo USC Not much USC in these preseason ranks, however, I think they don a solid squad headlined by the #18 class in the country
25 Texas Christian University Logo TCU Was tough decision to put them here, however, barring minimal injuries, a healthy Fisher, and good season from Archie makes this team good