Arizona State University Logonontoaster's Ballot for Preseason of 2018-19

Submitted on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 2:56PM EDT
1 Villanova University Logo Villanova They won last year, it's a preseason poll, end of story. Rest of the teams have explanations as to why I think coach is a dog/cat person.
2 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Bill Self - dog person. No real reason, just looks like it. Has also said in the past he looks for 'dogs' when he recruits.
3 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Coach Cal - dog person. Italian descent and looks like he's got a big ol dog waiting to fuck you up.
4 Duke University Logo Duke Coach K - cat person. Next.
5 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Rick Barnes - cat person. Actually, looks like he never had big pets growing up, like he had a hamster or turtle or something. Unfortunate.
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Mark Few - neither. That alien wants no pets, take that to the bank.
7 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Roy Williams - dog person. Ol Roy looks like he had the nicest dog on the block that all the kids loved to walk by.
8 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Tony Bennett - cat person. Not just a regular cat tho. Tony's got the chillest cat in the land, with a dope name like Smokey or something.
9 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Eric Musselman - dog person. The shirtless wonder better have gotten his kids a dog anyway.
10 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State Bruce Weber - cat person. Too perfectly silver to have dogs.
11 Auburn University Logo Auburn Bruce Pearl - dog person. I'd bet he'd have the best behaved dog of the bunch.
12 Syracuse University Logo Syracuse Jim Boeheim - dog person. Though he'd def know where a cat is with his... heightened hearing.
13 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Tom Izzo - cat person. Might even be Grumpy Cat's owner.
14 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Dana Altman - dog person. Probably like a shih tzu or a chihuahua though.
15 Louisiana State University Logo LSU Will Wade - can't tell. Can't see a thing behind these eyes tbh
16 University of Michigan Logo Michigan John Beilein - dog person. Looks like he owns the most content old boye/girle with the floppiest ears.
17 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech Buzz Williams - dog person. Too dapper and eccentric to be a cat person. (Dog would never be as cool as Frank Beamer's dog Hank though.)
18 Florida State University Logo Florida State Leonard Hamilton - cat person. Just google his name and go to images and look at his various faces.
19 University of Washington Logo Washington Mike Hopkins - dog person. I got no read on the guy so just a hunch.
20 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia Bob Huggins - dog person. Biggest dog person of the bunch, easy. Would own multiple border collies or aussie shepherds or other floofs.
21 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Mick Cronin - cat person. Fly like Buzz, but looks too impatient to own dogs.
22 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State Ben Howland - dog person. Fittingly enough, I'd bet good money he owns a bulldog.
23 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA Steve Alford - cat person. Couldn't coach a dog to pee outside.
24 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland Mark Turgeon - see Rick Barnes
25 Indiana University Bloomington Logo Indiana Reminder that UofA might be worse than ASU this year