Duke University Logosoccernamlak's Ballot for Preseason of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, October 22, 2018 at 12:00AM EDT
1 University of Kansas Logo Kansas It's a close call between pollsters whether Kansas or Kentucky is the #1 teambefore games start. Expect big #s this year w/ good perm. depth
2 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Another year, another loaded team. But this year is a bit more balanced with some good depth, includ. Reid Travis. Should be a fun season.
3 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Strong experience + scoring ability (esp. if Perkins pans out as expected) means I wouldn't be surprised to see the Zags again in April.
4 Duke University Logo Duke They lose 5 starters, but gain Barrett + Williamson + Reddish. High talent but inexperience as fresh will be weakness. Can K coach to title?
5 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina This is a title contention team between the return of Maye + hot recruits of White and Little. If they develop well, expect a deep run.
6 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Jordan Brown, three all-conf. players, and some hot transfers means this is one of Nevada's best teams ever. Int. def. depends on bigs
7 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Downside: expect constant 1-16 jokes this year, esp. if they make another #1 seed. Plus side: defense strong as ever. Depth? We'll see Tony
8 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee The SEC reg. season title sharers bring back all 5 starters + Williams. Their defense was superb last year, expect it to be even better.
9 Villanova University Logo Villanova They have experience, but lost four strong picks in the draft hurts. That's rare for the Wildcats, but this is an elite program with Jay.
10 Auburn University Logo Auburn They lose Heron, but get back their talented guards + add Doughty. This should solve the rebound height problem from last season.
11 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Bridges and Jackson leaving hurts, but Winston Langford Ward are ready to step up. Plus who's betting against Izzo in March?
12 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State No one left for the draft and they add Williams. With Brown and Wade back, the hope is they can improve from their 22-11 record last year.
13 University of Michigan Logo Michigan It's going to be tough to make it to April this year especially with 4 key players leaving. If new players can provide needed depth, maybe?
14 Syracuse University Logo Syracuse Tyus Battle is back. Avg. 14 reg. season loss last 4 years and 77% tour. wins in same time. But offense? sub-300th in 2/3% last year. 18-19?
15 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech 4 returning starters and Chris Clarke this year, so making it past 1st weekend strong possibility. >1ppp in last 14/17 games need improving
16 Florida State University Logo Florida State An enigma for sure, considering an average season followed by dominate tournament run. Mann+Cofer return and Walker should keep them solid.
17 University of California, Los Angeles Logo UCLA Everyone but Holiday is back, but expect slow start. ONeal + Campbell out for season and Olesinski for a few months hurts their chances.
18 University of Oregon Logo Oregon Great talent despite losing 3 starters. Pritchard with Bol and King could be magical, but will need to prove during reg. season play.
19 West Virginia University Logo West Virginia They lost a lot from their backcourt this year (include. Carter), so front court ever more important this year. Still no surprise if 25+ win
20 Purdue University Logo Purdue If Edwards pans out as an elite guard for this team (NOPY even?), then expect Purdue to go far this year. Otherwise? It'll be tough.
21 Louisiana State University Logo LSU They lose a lot of talented players, but gain a lot of new young talent that can help Waters (a top PG). New recruits will dictate T25 place
22 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State Howland has taken his time building a team, but greatness is measured over years, not a season. Increased offense will help, but SEC stacked
23 Clemson University Logo Clemson They lose 3, but return Reed and Mitchell + freshman Jemison. No surprise if we see a Top 5 seed this year.
24 North Carolina State University Logo NC State Yurtseven leaving hurts, now size will be issue. But have tons of guards who can play.Bryce/Dorin should be strong but ACC will be challenge
25 Marquette University Logo Marquette Howard/Hausers will provide the offense necessary for consistent T25. Staying will require defense.Bottom 1/2 past 2 seasons will not cut it