University of Michigan LogoBluOmega's Ballot for Week 5 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, December 3, 2018 at 12:29AM EST
1 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (+0) Still look very good, Vick's a decent basketball player.
2 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (+0) Still have great wins and no losses, schedule gets trickier here.
3 Duke University Logo Duke (+0) Lots of talent, not unshakeable but very big threat.
4 University of Michigan Logo Michigan (+3) They're blowing out everyone they play and look very scary, Beilein has everyone firing on all cylinders.
5 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (-1) Still have their only loss against Kansas, big contender in the SEC
6 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (-1) Good victory over a good Maryland team
7 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (-1) Dispatching Loyola and USC is good, this team is living up to the hype.
8 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (+1) Haven't faltered yet where other teams have, pulled away from a good Greensboro team late.
9 Auburn University Logo Auburn (+2) They've only faltered by almost beating Duke, good three-horse race in the SEC so far
10 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (+3) A bunch of garbage games right now but Duke in a couple of weeks will be really exciting
11 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (-3) Tough game against Louisville but then they're on they're on.
12 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech (+2) Losing to Penn St isn't ideal but a lot of teams lost and I still like the look of this team
13 Florida State University Logo Florida State (+6) Have some big wins so far
14 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (-2) Still think they're a good team but they are losing recently and have a tough schedule approaching.
15 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State (+2) Not as good as NET first had them but they're a solid team.
16 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin (+4) Great win over the Hawkeyes to begin the BIG self-cannibalism that's about to occur
17 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland (+6) They've only lost to Virginia, and that was a close affair
18 Kansas State University Logo Kansas State (-3) Never was very high on this team but they are still playing good
19 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State (NR) Well balanced team I think people should be paying more attention to.
20 Villanova University Logo Villanova (+5) Playing better after an early collapse is a good sign Wright is working well with the new guys
21 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo (NR) Took out San Francisco and keep rolling, this team doesn't have a lot of losses in their future.
22 University of Houston Logo Houston (NR) Making is this far undefeated is a good accomplishment even without the greatest competition.
23 Arizona State University Logo Arizona State (NR) Haven't lost yet but Nevada game will be very interesting.
24 Purdue University Logo Purdue (-3) Not a good look against Michigan but this team is pretty good they just have some tough losses.
25 St. John's University Logo St. John's (NR) Next five: Iowa, Creighton, Nebraska, Mississippi St, Florida