University of Minnesota LogoSleveMcDichael4's Ballot for Week 5 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, December 3, 2018 at 2:58AM EST
1 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga This gambit doesn't get any easier. Washington (not nobody) and Tennessee (legitimately somebody) this week. Should be fun!
2 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Uhhhhh...what the Christ got into these guys!? I've run out of words to describe the defense and the offense just destroyed two legit teams.
3 University of Virginia Logo Virginia They're doing that thing where they beat everybody and nobody cares because it looks like they're stuck in the 1950s. Hey, wins are wins.
4 Duke University Logo Duke Stetson's the alma mater of two active Cy Young winners: Kluber and deGrom. Perhaps they should stick to striking out on the baseball field.
5 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Far too often for my liking, it seems Vick is Kansas and Kansas is Vick, but I do think they'll gel better as the season progresses.
6 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada For a team who was supposedly supposed to struggle on defense, I think they're due for a little credit on that side of the court.
7 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee What I thought would be the Schofield show has instead become the Williams show, which is fine because he seems to be great at everything.
8 Auburn University Logo Auburn Nice of them to remind us they can still obliterate terrile opponents.
9 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin A couple of those Davison charges were totally bogus, but he, Happ and Trice are going to keep wreaking havoc on quality opponents all year.
10 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina This is where this poll got hard; so many teams in this range lost games they shouldn't have. UNC still sits atop this tier in my eyes.
11 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech And VT is right behind them, as I finished the Penn State game feeling less like I overrated VT and more like I underrated Penn State.
12 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech A pretty bad showing against Memphis covered up by the fact that they came back to win the game.
13 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Welcome to Bizarro World: where Rutgers is actually kinda good and Michigan State almost losing to them isn't seen as a complete joke.
14 Florida State University Logo Florida State Almost blew it at home and needed late-game heroics, but against a top team, a win's a win.
15 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky If you just looked at the final score of the UNC Greensboro game, you'd think it was a smooth win. It wasn't, but it was pretty promising.
16 Purdue University Logo Purdue Even ignoring the Michigan loss, they've played two teams at about their talent level very well, but haven't been able to finish the job.
17 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Logo Nebraska Their continued good performance has absolved me of guilt for ranking them 25 instead of Buffalo last week. These guys can defend!
18 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Syracuse loss is an outlier as the Orange shot the lights out from long range, to which the Buckeyes responded by holding Minnesota to 0-13.
19 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State You know how you can "win" your bye week in football by way of everyone around you collapsing? One game against Omaha will have to suffice.
20 Marquette University Logo Marquette That random 23-point loss to Indiana at home is beginning to look like a defensive outlier. Howard and the boys can play.
21 Creighton University Logo Creighton They've gotten progressively better over the season. Alexander is a beast and almost singlehandedly made that Gonzaga game, well, a game.
22 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo Less that I'm finally convinced they're good and more that I have new reason to believe the teams formerly ahead of them are not as much so.
23 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Who needs Pitino? These guys aren't quite in the ACC's top tier, but their relatively deep roster deserves some credit for its results.
24 Villanova University Logo Villanova That blowout loss to Michigan doesn't look so bad anymore, does it? Barely getting bye La Salle, though. That...that looked bad.
25 University of Texas at Austin Logo Texas They lost to Radford, saw their two marquee performances lose, and still didn't drop off my ballot. Why? All the mid-tier teams are a mess!