University of Michigan LogoBluOmega's Ballot for Week 9 of 2018-19

Submitted on Sunday, December 30, 2018 at 7:46PM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke I believe Duke is the best team in the country right now, playing solid coming into ACC play
2 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Still undefeated and playing well coming into BIG play
3 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Not a great loss to a team that lost to Princeton but still have talent and great wins
4 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee Admiral Schofield is really good, will be interesting to see how this team plays UK and Auburn
5 University of Virginia Logo Virginia An elite defensive team, will see how ACC play goes
6 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Will be interesting to see if they can run the table, they've met their expectations so far which is impressive.
7 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Duke's a good win but they're not bulletproof
8 Florida State University Logo Florida State The Seminoles aren't talked about a lot but they have a single loss and a very solid team
9 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Still an elite defensive team, losing to Duke is definitely forgivable and it was a close game
10 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State They are the best challenger to Michigan coming into the conference section of play
11 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Best Ohio State in years is looking to prove themselves in the conference with the most good teams
12 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech They've been dominating lately since their loss and are looking good
13 Auburn University Logo Auburn Looking forward to their games against UK and Tennessee
14 North Carolina State University Logo NC State Kind of a dark horse in the ACC, they've only lost to Wisconsin
15 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky UNC and Louisville games were impressive for a UK team that's finding their groove
16 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Losing to UK is rough but they have some good wins and talent on the team
17 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State Another solid SEC team I certainly didn't expect to be this good
18 University of Iowa Logo Iowa A solid team that has the potential to win the BIG
19 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma I feel like this team is being severely overlooked, they've only lost to Wisconsin and have good wins
20 University of Houston Logo Houston Not the best SoS but being undefeated at this stage is very impressive
21 University of Cincinnati Logo Cincinnati Haven't lost to a bad team, have some good wins
22 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Logo Nebraska Nebrasketball is playing well and looking to make an impact in the conference
23 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin Losing to WKU is not good but it was a true road game, shows why major teams won't go to midmajors
24 Indiana University Bloomington Logo Indiana Indiana has lots of solid wins, should fare well in the conference
25 Marquette University Logo Marquette Next Five: Florida, TCU, Villanova, Purdue, Arizona St