North Carolina State University LogoSpadeRyker's Ballot for Week 10 of 2018-19

Submitted on Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 8:48PM EST
1 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Solid opener in the ACC taking down the Noles in decisive fashion.
2 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Good stuff coming out of Ann Arbor this year. This is a great team that I can easily see making another run into the championship game.
3 Duke University Logo Duke I always think Duke teams are going for the chip but then they choke in the tourney so who knows, maybe I jinxed em again.
4 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee You're the only top Ten I See in the SEC. Ok let's move along.
5 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Keep getting those conference road wins! This team is looking pretty darn good even if their wins aren't super pretty.
6 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State A solid win over a good Ohio State team on the road. Definitely one of the best teams in the nation right now.
7 North Carolina State University Logo NC State Road win from behind always makes the sun shine. Good win at Miami, now do it. Defeat your one true enemy. I believe.
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Well I thought Pitt was looking a lot better this year (they still do) but UNC clearly showed that they need a few more years to rebuild.
9 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Well the hard part is over and you can feast on the cupcakes in your conference to make your way into the tourney. You did well kid.
10 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech BC played you closer than I thought they would for most of the game. Good job holding out and fighting for the W.
11 University of Houston Logo Houston YA WOO COUGAR BASKETBALL!!!!!
12 Auburn University Logo Auburn A bit underwhelming to head into conference play without a top 25 win, but this team is good and I bet you'll get some over Tenn or Kentucky
13 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Living in Kansas you would think they'd know the power of wind-based storms.
14 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State Cyclones could not be a more perfect name for Iowa State athletic teams, pure chaos and destruction embodied.
15 Indiana University Bloomington Logo Indiana "Purdue" more like "Purdont," Ha. (I hope you can appreciate that I am trying to speak in your native tongue: corny jokes :) )
16 Marquette University Logo Marquette Marquette still looks pretty good even after the loss. Hoping they rebound well and get some revenge later on.
17 Florida State University Logo Florida State Losing to the number one team on the road can't be called a bad loss. This team will look to rebound into the top 15 with a few ACC wins.
18 St. John's University Logo St. John's A much better team than I thought at first. The Seton Hall loss stings, but downing Marquette definitely rectified it.
19 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo Since getting raced by Marquette, this team has been recovering well and still looks like a solid team.
20 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Wow, okay that loss was BAD. Like a 16 seed beating a 1 seed in the tourney bad. But don't worry, yall can come back from this I believe.
21 Ohio State University Logo Ohio State Losing to sparty at home stinks, but you gave a top 10 team a gosh darned fight and you should be proud.
22 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky Was it worth it for a year of good football to sell your basketball dominance? Did you sell it to Tenn? Because they're where you should be.
23 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State Ok fine, I'll rank you. It feels like everyone forgot the ASU loss happened but you've recovered well and look pretty good.
24 University of Iowa Logo Iowa This team dropped a bit from the Purdue loss, but remains in the top 25 because of the Nebraska win. Still looks like a good team to me.
25 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma Can't drop this team yet, their losses aren't bad and their record for their SOS is good. We'll see in a week or so if they deserve it.