Northwestern University LogoTPM_23's Ballot for Week 10 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, January 7, 2019 at 2:24AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke (--) CONFERENCE PLAY!
2 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (--) or alternatively, the "I just got back on campus" edition of rankings
3 University of Michigan Logo Michigan (--) top 3 all hold with good weeks of at least one conference win
4 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (+2) Bevo couldn't kill Uga, but that basketball game probably did
5 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (+3) I'm still not sure Northwestern didn't just dress a rec team and call it a day
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (+1) in comes Gonzaga's annual slow smear up the polls as they simply don't lose to inferior competition
7 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech (+3) there's a lot of stock in winning this week, no?
8 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-3) no Azubuike, but they're still winning the Big XII this year and you know it
9 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State (+2) shoutout to the SEC for starting conference play a week late, way to be edgy and different
10 Florida State University Logo Florida State (-1) @Virginia is not a punishment I'd wish on any team, it's like getting sentenced to watching yourself get encased in concrete
11 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (+1) putting a 3-loss team this close to the top 10 this early in the season feels wrong
12 Auburn University Logo Auburn (+1)
13 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (-9) fun fact: to date, New Mexico (144) has nearly twice the KP rating of New Mexico St. (75). their best win? New Mexico... twice.
14 University of Houston Logo Houston (+2)
15 North Carolina State University Logo NC State (+4)
16 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (+4) I want to like you guys despite my tough love, please stop making these games so close
17 St. John's University Logo St. John's (NR) they've proved to me that the Seton Hall game was legitimate robbery, welcome back to the big time
18 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo (+3)
19 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma (-1) sometimes you lose games you're supposed to lose...
20 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State (NR) ...and sometimes you just punch a team square in the face in games like that.
21 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (-7) which Kentucky is coming out game to game? maybe this is why SEC conference play isn't really starting until this week
22 Marquette University Logo Marquette (-5) everyone in the back end of last week's rankings lost, who to bump and who to keep? these guys have the best loss of the rest
23 Texas Christian University Logo TCU (NR) P6 team currently 12-1? wins aren't fantastic, but it's better than the field at this time
24 Indiana University Bloomington Logo Indiana (-2) half of this conference is on the fringe and I can only rank two of them here, let's take @Michigan as the worst beat of the week
25 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin (-10) your non-con wins are so yummy, so you get one last chance to prove yourselves -- DROPPED: Seton Hall 23, Ohio St. 24, Cincinnati 25