Indiana University Bloomington LogoPesgato's Ballot for Week 11 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 3:38AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke Top 15 road win, playing without the best player in the country. Watch out if Reddish starts contributing like that regularly.
2 University of Michigan Logo Michigan Slightly less dominant of late, but nothing resembling a reason to move them down.
3 University of Virginia Logo Virginia Somehow under the radar.
4 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee These top four have been so dominant that a tough win (still by 11) against an in-conference rival doesn't move them up.
5 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga Not sure how I feel about them... close win against a good Dons squad
6 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State Playing exceptionally well.....without Langford. Watch out B1G
7 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech Man the ACC is a bloodbath.
8 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech Could this be the year?
9 University of Kansas Logo Kansas Not if Kansas can help it, they are close behind. Ceiling is lower without Udoka
10 Florida State University Logo Florida State Home loss against Duke. No shame. Penalized only for letting the NUMBER 3 RECRUIT GET WIDE OPEN TO WIN THE GAME.
11 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada Maybe I overreacted moving them so low? Either way, I still love their talent and everyone else be losing.
12 University of Houston Logo Houston Fuck Kelvin Sampson. That is all.
13 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky I don't know what to think about this team at all. Only 56 v Vandy?
14 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina Has any team in CBB this year had a week that more perfectly exemplified their team? I'll wait.
15 North Carolina State University Logo NC State So the heels beat NC State then drop the next one? Is that a quality loss?
16 Auburn University Logo Auburn Oh no baby what is u doin?
17 Marquette University Logo Marquette That smackdown in Assembly Hall is looking better and better! Also, Markus Howard is not bad.
18 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo What MAC team will take them down? Eastern? Ball State? Whoever it is will need lots of luck.
19 University of Iowa Logo Iowa Good week from the hawks. They move up so much because 1.) Teams ahead lost and 2.) They did it all without Tyler Cook.
20 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland Impressive comeback against IU (U watching Jalen Hurts??), but more impressive was there second half against Minnesota. Is Turg safe??
21 University of Oklahoma Logo Oklahoma Advanced stats love em, and so do I.
22 Villanova University Logo Villanova Patiently awaiting the next head scratching loss. Offense looks nothing like Jay Wright teams of years past.
23 University of Louisville Logo Louisville Impressive win against UNC. Chris Mack is going to have this program consistently competing soon.
24 Indiana University Bloomington Logo Indiana I wont penalize them for losing on the road twice... need a good showing against nebraska to earn it.
25 Purdue University Logo Purdue Good week and, lets be honest, I want these last two teams ranked going into their first matchup in West LaLa.