Northwestern University LogoTPM_23's Ballot for Week 12 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, January 21, 2019 at 6:45AM EST
1 University of Virginia Logo Virginia (+1) how many teams can play two top-10 teams in a week and post a +20 point differential, with one of the games @No. 1?
2 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee (+2) would've taken No. 1 this week if Virginia lost by 10+ to Duke, will probably be AP No. 1 regardless
3 Duke University Logo Duke (-2) what was a tight top 4 is now just a tighter top 3 imo
4 University of Michigan Logo Michigan (-1) all you guys had to do was win out the week, instead you're the schmucks at the bottom of the elite pile
5 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State (--) I completely understand if they overtake Michigan in polls, but the gap was too great from top 4 to field to break in a week for me
6 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga (--) this poll is also super late because I had to clear one of those hard Mario U levels with a few friends
7 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech (--) it was that one extra level where you have to keep running and hitting P-switches, and we wanted all the star coins in one run
8 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada (+3) that's 2 hours of my life I'm not getting back, but the feeling of finally clearing it perfectly can't be matched
9 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky (+8) these guys get a big boost from glomping down on Auburn and absorbing their power
10 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina (+6) otoh, I feel like I'm rewarding these guys waaay too much for beating mediocre conf opponents, but this week kinda sucks for rankings
11 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo (+2) of all the mid-majors, this is the most "mid-major" of the ranked ones, take that how you want
12 University of Kansas Logo Kansas (-4) I made a bet this week that at least 9 Big 12 teams would make the tournament, so I'm secretly hoping for a WVU resurgence
13 University of Houston Logo Houston (-1) bit of a slide because their conf wins aren't shiny like Kentucky or UNC
14 Marquette University Logo Marquette (+4) nothing to see here, just a group of teams netting roughly comparable conf wins
15 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State (+4) among the four teams, these guys had the second best win (Florida, 23) and the worst (Vanderbilt, 105) according to kenpom
16 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland (+4) by far had the best wins, but idk if I'm willing to believe in them yet
17 University of Iowa Logo Iowa (+6) I nearly accidentally ranked Penn St. here because I just looked up their stats (somehow they're still 63 on kenpom!)
18 Auburn University Logo Auburn (-4) SEC just cannibalizing each other out here
19 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech (-9) this is why I don't trust teams, I do it for one week and they go and throw everything out the window
20 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State (NR) I can't decide if they're good, Kansas/TTech are bad, the Big 12 just has hella parity this year, or all of the above
21 Villanova University Logo Villanova (+3) didn't do much this week
22 North Carolina State University Logo NC State (-7) really? Wake Forest?
23 Florida State University Logo Florida State (-14) and you guys go and follow that up by licking the basement of the ACC and contracting god-only-knows what
24 University of Louisville Logo Louisville (NR) just missed last week's rankings, survived for this one, what a happy ending!
25 Syracuse University Logo Syracuse (NR) the "I'm feeling lucky" button of the ACC -- DROPPED: Ole Miss 21, Oklahoma 22, UCF 25