American University LogoKalonKral's Ballot for Week 12 of 2018-19

Submitted on Monday, January 21, 2019 at 9:52AM EST
1 Duke University Logo Duke 0 I tried to make the case for other teams at No. 1, but despite loss to Syracuse, too many quality wins for Duke.
2 University of Virginia Logo Virginia +1 Again, lots of quality wins on resume and they played Duke close the entire way.
3 University of Tennessee Logo Tennessee +1 The win against Gonzaga and still the lone OT loss to a quality opponent loom large for Vols.
4 University of Michigan Logo Michigan -2 Happ and Co. actually did it … facing a Michigan team that hasn’t played that poorly all year.
5 Gonzaga University Logo Gonzaga 0
6 Michigan State University Logo Michigan State 0
7 University of Kentucky Logo Kentucky +7 Every team in the middle of this poll is so weak. Kentucky is one of the few teams that’s not imploding.
8 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Logo North Carolina +4 Some big 3’s from Kenny Williams lifted UNC over Miami, also avoiding the mid-poll reckoning.
9 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Logo Virginia Tech 0 Yes, they got blown out by Virginia, but that’s a lot better than their compatriots in this area.
10 University at Buffalo Logo Buffalo +6 Buffalo is so great and it’s time to start moving them up the poll aggressively.
11 University of Nevada, Reno Logo Nevada +2 They had one awful game and have been underwhelming at times. Ladies and gentlemen, your No. 11 ranked team!
12 University of Kansas Logo Kansas -4 Not playing well right now and with Doke out, Kansas could struggle over the second half of the season.
13 University of Maryland, College Park Logo Maryland +6 Huge test Monday night against Michigan St., but the Terps are playing great right now.
14 Marquette University Logo Marquette +3 After losing by 20 at St. John’s, Marquette has been making their way through the Big East.
15 North Carolina State University Logo NC State 0 Really bad loss to Wake Forest – showing the inconsistencies that can surface with this team – but they have talent.
16 University of Mississippi Logo Ole Miss +2 A tough loss to LSU, but this team still has a pretty good resume.
17 University of Iowa Logo Iowa +3 Five Big 10 wins in a row for Iowa. A very nice run.
18 Texas Tech University Logo Texas Tech -11 Two bad losses for Texas Tech this week. Need to see more quality wins from them.
19 Iowa State University Logo Iowa State NR Two big wins against Kansas and Texas Tech stand above everyone else at this tier.
20 Louisiana State University Logo LSU NR Good win over Mississippi and undefeated so far in SEC play.
21 Auburn University Logo Auburn -11 Said I would make a major adjustment for Auburn last week and so this is that, plus loss to Kentucky.
22 Mississippi State University Logo Mississippi State 0 I rate these three SEC basically the same, so it’s convenient to group them together this week.
23 University of Wisconsin-Madison Logo Wisconsin NR Handed Michiagn its first loss. A bunch of quality wins … and several bad losses.
24 Syracuse University Logo Syracuse NR Beating Duke just isn’t done. So bring them just into the poll.
25 University of Louisville Logo Louisville -2 Just outside the poll: Houston, Kansas St., Villanova